About the Absorption Refrigerator

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Warehouse Appliance provides information for consumers in regards to purchasing an absorption refrigerator.

What is an Absorption Refrigerator?

What is an Absorption Refrigerator? It is exactly what the name implies. The unit refrigerates by absorbing the warm air from the interior and expelling it to the exterior. Within the gas refrigeration industry, this process is accomplished by using a sealed absorption system containing a solution mixture of ammonia, water, sodium chromate, and hydrogen. The mixture is boiled by a flame usually fueled by either propane gas or natural gas.

The active ingredient is the ammonia which turns from liquid to vapor and back to a pure liquid again. This pure ammonia liquid absorbs the warm air through aluminum plates on the fridge back wall, freezer back wall, and freezer floor. This system uses no motors, compressors, or any moving parts. This is all accomplished by heat boiling the solution and it rising to the top of the sealed system where gravity takes over and allows the liquid to flow through the coil system at a rate determined by slight downward angles of the tubing.

The system is very simple in operation but very complicated in design. A very slight change in angle can alter performance and lower efficiency. A couple percentage difference in the solution ingredients will also change the gas refrigerator performance . Any weakness in a weld will shorten lifespan. All these factors must be correct in order to produce an efficient unit with top performance. Strict quality control is vital toward good production results.

At Warehouse Appliance, we rely on our many years of experience in using gas freezers and fridges, servicing gas refrigerators, and repairing gas fridges, and our warranty records to make the business decision of promoting the best brand. We choose the EZ Freeze brand.

We rate the EZ Freeze quality control as the best in the industry. EZ Freeze is the only company that produces the absorption system in house at the factory. No outside contracting is used in production. Over 50% of the production process is centered around quality checks within the production line of the product.  A high pressure flushing occurs immediately after the welding process is complete to remove any weld slag or foreign objects that may be inside of the coils. The absorption system is then baked in an oven to relieve stresses and reduce the risk of stress cracks during its lifespan. The oven baking process also aids in sterilization of the internals of the absorption unit prior to filling. Baking off the oils and impurities. Each unit is then pressurized and leak tested before installation in the cabinet. The EZ Freeze absorption units are all made on a jig and foamed in a mold and are interchangeable at anytime in it’s life span with a new unit. This promotes consistency and reparability. It may seem excessive, but after all, this is the heart of the absorption refrigerator. It is also the most labor intensive part of production so it must be 100% before the unit ever gets to the consumer.

Further down the production line near completion, each unit is tested in the factory “Hot Room” which simulates a harsh operating environment with temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and high humidity levels. Each unit must pass well within the limits of good food keeping temperatures after this 16 hour torture test. The results are recorded on each refrigerator prior to packaging. No over company within this industry does this.

When asked about these strict quality control issues, EZ Freeze ownership replies “We realize that most of our fridges are used in remote areas. Hard to get to and from areas. It puts a great hardship on the consumer if there is a failure and we just don’t want to see that happen.”

For more information regarding Propane Refrigerators contact Warehouse Appliance at 928-636-1955.

The History of Propane Refrigeration

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Warehouse Appliance provides information for consumers in regards the history of the propane refrigerator.   

The ammonia refrigeration cooling system which is also known as an absorption cooling system was first discovered in 1824 by Micheal Faraday who tried to liquefy gases which, among them was an ammonia gas. This experiment was used in taking ammonia vapor in a glass tube with silver chloride in it and allowing it to absorb in the silver chloride powder. He then heated the chloride -ammonia mixture and watched the ammonia liquid evaporate out of the silver chloride and become cold.

This experiment later was the birth of the ammonia absorption cooling systems [HEREAFTER CALLED PROPANE REFRIGERATORS]. There has been much advancement in the understanding of this type of refrigeration in our time and age. There is also not much LP fridge history given until the early 1930’s when the SERVEL propane refrigerators were invented.

At the time of this invention there was not much refrigeration available on the market. Therefore, this become the first most popular refrigerator which at that time was sold in large cities by the 10’s of thousands for apartments, hotels, and any other application known. People had only a few other options available for refrigeration at that time.

Since then, refrigeration has greatly advanced with electric refrigerators, 12V solar DC refrigerator units, and propane gas refrigerators. These refrigerators are always being improved to add more efficiency and less energy with less money. Many people still resort to propane absorption refrigeration systems for a non electric appliance.

For more information regarding Propane Refrigerators contact Warehouse Appliance at 928-636-1955.

Warehouse Appliance has the largest and best selection of propane refrigerators in the US!

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Welcome to the most comprehensive place to find natural gas or propane refrigerators and freezers. Not only do we sell and service these gas appliances and products, we use them in our daily lives. We offer technical advice and repairs on site or via telephone. Other sites offer the same or similar product lines, but none can compare to our 30 years of experience in this field. Trust Warehouse Appliance for all your gas fridge, solar products, and off-grid appliance needs!   

Service, Repair, and Parts for all brands of Gas Refrigerators

Does your gas fridge need service? Dynamx offers walk-in service at our location for all off-grid home gas fridges, gas freezers, as well as RV Units. Servicing gas refrigerators such as EZ Freeze, Diamond, Crystal Cold, Danby, Consul, Servel, Dometic, Norcold, Sibir, Explorer, Miller Refrigeration, Blizzard, Frostek, Zero, Unique, and others. Gas fridge maintenance and services such as:

  • General Maintenance
  • Hot Room Testing
  • Coil Replacement
  • Diagnosing
  • Thermocouples
  • Thermostats
  • Piezo Ignition
  • Electronic Ignition

Our years of experience in service, sales, and repairs have made us the authority in absorption refrigeration and off-grid appliances. Contact Warehouse Appliance at 928-636-1955.

Why you should choose Warehouse Appliance for your Propane Refrigeration needs

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We pride ourselves in customer service and are proud of the great feedback we get. When we offer gas refrigerators and appliances for sale, many of which come with lifetime customer service at no extra cost. Below is a sample of just some of the comments.   

“Just a note to say that dealing with Mike was a real pleasure. Patiently answered my questions, arranged a visit to EZ Freeze, got a very good deal on shipping the refrigerator to me. Made recommendations on the installation. Was happy to answer my questions after I installed the EZ Freeze and used it a couple of times. All of his suggestions worked just fine. Would recommend buying from him no matter where in the country you are located.”

Warehouse Appliance also helps people repair their propane refrigerators:

“Our propane gas refrigerator is working great now thanks to you. We really appreciated you coming in on Saturday and fixing it on such short notice. Thank you so much.”

Warehouse Appliance takes pride in our product getting to you safely:

“Just wanted to let you know our fridge arrived at Northland in Juneau yesterday and it seems to have arrived in great condition. It is still in the crate and we appreciate that your packing was really well done. It will still be a couple of weeks before we can install in our cabin but . . . . So far, so good! “

We are the leader in off-grid appliances from propane to natural gas and solar.  Contact Warehouse Appliance for more information on any of our refrigerators, freezers, ranges/stoves, lighting, and cooling products.  Call Warehouse Appliance at 928-636-1955.

Benefits of a freezerless propane refrigerator

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Have you ever gone to the grocery store and come back with more than what fits in your refrigerator? Or, in the summer months when you have lots of produce, do you have ample room in your refrigerator? Warehouse Appliance shares the benefits of a freezerless propane refrigerator.

If you are okay with having a chest freezer and a freezerless refrigerator, a freezerless propane refrigerator may be perfect for you. Some people don’t even need a freezer at all. This is ideal for those who like to eat fresh food only, or those that are satisfied with a chest freezer.

The greatest benefit is the extra space. There is not a lot of wasted space on walls between the freezer and refrigerator. That opens up the refrigerator to store a lot more than your current side-by-side. Which brings up another point: energy savings. Chances are you will be using less energy on a chest freezer and freezerless refrigerator than a refrigerator-freezer combination.

The downside is the lack of an ice dispenser. Other than that, there really is no other downside. If you are someone that would be interested in a freezerless freezer, chances are you already have a solution for freezing ice cubes or you don’t need one at all.

What is the cost?
Just like standard refrigerators, there is a wide range of prices with freezerless refrigerators. Also remember to add in the extra cost of a chest freezer if you do not already own one.

Warehouse Appliance wants you to be aware of the benefits of a freezerless propane refrigerator. If a freezerless refrigerator would fit the needs for your family by giving you more refrigerator space for fresh foods, consider a propane-powered freezerless refrigerator from Warehouse Appliance. Why not swap out your old conventional noisy fridge for a practical, affordable, reliable and quiet refrigerator? Call Warehouse Appliance today at 928-636-1955.

A review of the EZ Freeze gas refrigerator from a satisfied customer

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A satisfied customer from Texas sent in this review of the EZ Freeze 19-cubic foot refrigerator. Warehouse Appliance is happy to share that the EZ Freeze refrigerator and our dedicated staff has met and exceeded this customer’s expectations!

The customer writes: “We’ve had the fridge for five years so I feel confident in giving a review. Our decision to purchase a propane refrigerator was based on the fragility of the grid and the requirement to have safe cold storage of food in case of a grid failure – either local or national, short-term or long-term.


  • It doesn’t look any different than a regular electric refrigerator.
  • The inside of the fridge has an excellent LED light powered by D batteries. The case for the batteries is in the back outside of the fridge, and it’s not difficult to change them. We’ve changed the batteries just once in five years and it was only because we did some maintenance on the fridge.
  • Easy to clean. All it takes is a damp rag and a dry paper towel. Just like you’d do on your electric fridge.
  • The biggest pro in buying the unit is getting one from Warehouse Appliance. They have been amazing all these years on all of my pre-purchase questions as well as maintenance questions. The DVD you get with the unit is invaluable. Watch the DVD and keep it with all the documentation that comes with the fridge.


  • You’ve got to defrost it. The defrosting frequency depends on how much you use the fridge. I defrost as soon as the fins are 50% to 75% iced. I use a small fan and defrost the freezer first. Then I move the fan to the refrigerator section to blow on the fins.

Lessons learned

  • Get the AcuRite thermometer.
  • Keep maintenance equipment on hand at all times.  We use the flue brush once a year.
  • When you defrost the fridge, clean the flue and blow out the blower with a can of air. The instructions are on the DVD.
  • Pay attention to the maintenance schedule.
  • We moved as many appliances to propane as possible over the past several years because it’s reliable in a grid-down situation.

The bottom line of any review is “would I buy this again?” The unequivocal answer is “yes” and I would still buy from Warehouse Appliance because their team is knowledgeable, pragmatic, professional, patient, and friendly.

Updated 6/26/2020

We’ve had the 19 cubic foot refrigerator for 11 years and it’s still going strong.

Where we are today

We continue to do regular maintenance when the fridge is defrosted: wiping the inside, cleaning the door gaskets, brushing out the burner to remove dust and dirt, and cleaning the coils on the back of the fridge.

Because this fridge isn’t a big electric monster with a compressor, fans, etc., it’s easy to fix. Warehouse Appliance has all the spare parts for their appliances and ships them quickly; however, we keep critical spare parts on hand at all times because we don’t like even the rare emergency.  Anyone reasonably handy with tools, and can follow directions, can easily perform maintenance and repairs. A caveat, we would never go into the sealed tubing and chambers nor should there ever be need to do so since it’s a sealed system.

Don’t get me wrong, things do wear out. We had a problem a few years ago and I called Warehouse Appliance and described the situation to see if it really was a problem. Without missing a beat, we were walked through the repair that we could do right then because we already had a thermocouple.  Hint on replacing the thermocouple: lay a short 2X4 under where the top of the fridge will be when it’s laid down on its side to replace the thermostat. Put a towel on top of the board so the fridge won’t get scratched. This helps when you need to lift the fridge back to standing position.

Customer Service

Is top-notch. I called today to ask a question and they always have the time and patience to talk with me. This is service after the sale more than a decade later.

It all comes back to the question “would I buy this again?” Absolutely. It’s a good product and we have had consistent excellent customer service.

The EZ Freeze gas refrigerator is the top brand in the LP refrigerator industry. When you’re in the market for a gas refrigerator, call the experts at Warehouse Appliance. We offer technical advice and repairs on site or via telephone. Call us today at 928-636-1955.

The Importance of a Blue Flame on Propane Refrigerators

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What so many of us with a propane refrigerator don’t realize is that flame within the burner box needs to have a certain look and sound in order to produce just the right amount of heat to cool a gas refrigerator.  The right amount of heat produced beneath the cooling unit exhaust pipe is of the utmost importance to cool down the propane refrigerator.  This flame size will vary depending on the thermostat and the actual temperature inside the gas refrigerator.  We look for a 1 to 2 inch flame with a nice crystal blue crown.  We want this flame to be more along the lines of a butane lighter look and not a regular zip lighter.  As most of us know, the blue flame produces more heat than a dirty camp fire flame.  If this blue flame turns into a more yellow looking candle, you can be sure your propane fridge will not cool properly.

So, what are the causes of a yellow flame?  The most common cause of a yellow flame or dirty flame, as we call it here at Warehouse Appliance, is debris.  This could include dust, lint, spider webs insects and other critters that find the burner box as a nice home.  Typically, propane refrigerators are used in cabins and other vacation spots that aren’t used all year round.  When your vacation time is over and you turn the gas off on your propane or natural gas refrigerator you can be sure that your burner box and orifice become a collection spot for dirt and debris that find their way to the back of the fridge.

We here at Dynamx encourage all of our customers to clean out their burner boxes before starting up their propane fridge.  The best way to keep from getting a dirty flame is to use compressed air to blow out the affected area.  Cleaning the exhaust pipe with a flue brush is also a necessity to ensure the pipe stays clean and heats the cooling unit properly.  Our EZ Freeze refrigerators provide easy access to the burner tube and orifice while also providing better protection from outside wandering debris and possible items that can burn up in the burner tube.

Need more help servicing your propane or natural gas refrigerator?  We are here to help!  Call us at 928-636-1955 or visit the service part of our website by click here.

Why you should consider a gas refrigerator instead of electric

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Today’s market offers consumers far more choices when it comes time to replacing or upgrading our home’s common household appliances. Typically people replace like for like. If you have an electric refrigerator you obviously replace it with an electric refrigerator, right? Well, not anymore. These days consumers have some really great options available. Warehouse Appliance wants you to know that you don’t need to live off-grid, remotely, or in areas of frequent natural disasters (limiting power supply) to consider the many advantages of buying a propane or natural gas refrigerator.

Did you know that:

  • Almost any appliance that runs on electricity can run on propane and do it more reliably and economically? Propane is America’s natural fuel source and we produce 90% of the propane we use right here at home.
  • Over the last few decades, propane refrigerators have been designed and built with better fuel economy and low emissions in mind. Propane-fueled appliances require less maintenance, greater convenience and higher efficiency over electrically-operated appliances.
  • There are no moving parts used to cool a gas refrigerator. This means that there are no parts to wear out. Electric and 12V refrigerators require freon and an electric compressor/pump. These moving parts can, and do, wear out. Inverters and generators also wear out and meet the same fate.
  • Propane appliances offer a great return on investment. While they might initially be a little more expensive than their electric counterparts, you’ll use much less energy and save money by using less fuel.

The bottom line is simple. Propane appliances have a come a long, long way in both product design and efficiency. If you’ve got questions about replacing your electric refrigerator with a new generation propane refrigerator, call the experts at Warehouse Appliance at 928-636-1955

Defrosting your propane refrigerator

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Do you regularly look into the freezer, chip away at frozen shelves of food trying to find something before frostbite sets in? Warehouse Appliance discusses defrosting your propane refrigerator.

All gas refrigerators are manual defrost, but why?

Those who have owned a newer electric freezer are aware of their auto defrost feature. The unit’s defrost cycle includes timers and heating elements, which put a large load on the electric supply. For this reason, manufacturers of propane gas refrigerators do not include this feature.

Frost buildup inside of a refrigerator compartment is inescapable and will gradually lower the efficiency of any refrigerator. Your gas fridge needs to be defrosted manually. Depending on a few factors, your application and time will help to determine when and how often the off-grid refrigerator will need to be defrosted.

How do I know when it’s time to defrost my gas refrigerator?

A non-electric refrigerator has aluminum cooling fins located on the back wall of the refrigerator compartment. Humidity collects on these fins and turns to ice. Regularly inspect these fins. When the frost builds up between these fins to the point where there is no air space between the fins it is time to defrost. The good news is, EZ Freeze has developed a defrosting method that takes all the work out of defrosting. It is as simple as turning a dial. The EZ-Defrost System is available on all models.

How does the EZ-Defrost System work?

Using the EZ-Defrost System is as close to automatic as it gets. In order to defrost, all you need to do is turn the temperature thermostat dial to a minimum setting in the evening and in the morning the fridge will be defrosted.

Warehouse Appliance is interested in helping you get the most efficient use of your propane refrigerator. If you have questions about defrosting your gas fridge, or if you’re thinking of replacing your electric refrigerator with a new generation propane refrigerator, call the experts at Warehouse Appliance at 928-636-1955.

A Slight Turn to Propane Refrigerators

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A recent increase of sales of propane refrigerators has indicated a slight turn from electric to propane refrigeration.  There are many misconceptions about gas refrigerators.  One of them is that they have a compressor similar to electric refrigerators that is some how powered by the propane gas.  In fact, it is a totally different science which benefits those who are fed up with the noise an electric fridge can make.

Propane fridges are much different than traditional electric fridges. The propane refrigerator uses a small burner, powered by LP or natural gas to heat a solution in the coiling tubes. This creates a liquid vapor, which is very cold, inside the tube.  The cold, produced by the solution inside the cooling unit, then gets transferred to the inside of the fridge.  Propane refrigerators and natural gas refrigerators eliminate electricity use and all the noisy moving parts that are required to cool an electric refrigerator.

Here are the main reasons a propane refrigerator may be attractive to consumers: very quiet easy to maintain parts are readily available most repairs can be done yourself. Never worry about losing your food due to a power outage. We here at Warehouse Appliance have seen an up-tick in sales to consumers who are sick of high electric bills and noisy compressors.  Our propane refrigerators can easily be converted to natural gas for those consumers who find themselves on the grid but are leery of the electric refrigerator.  The difference between the natural gas refrigerator and propane fridge is simply orifice and regulator size.  So, consumers who have the luxury of electricity and natural gas can rest easy knowing they too can benefit from a propane refrigerator.

If you would like more information about propane fridges or other off grid appliances, please call us at 928-636-1955.  Warehouse Appliance has been selling  off grid appliances for over 25 years!