Peerless Premier Off-Grid Propane Stove/Oven FAQ

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Peerless Gas Off Grid Stove/Range – Questions and Answers

There are many things to consider when living without power.  What kind of stove/oven/range/cooktop to purchase is definitely one to consider before making a large investment. We’ve answered some common questions below about our Peerless Premier ranges.  Peerless premier propane battery spark ranges are the best option in off-grid living.

Q. Do the Peerless Premier Ranges operate from Propane (LPG) or Natural Gas?

A. All Peerless Premier Ranges are shipped to operate from Natural gas. All the units come with the instructions and parts to convert to Propane (LPG) gas. This is done during the installation process and is very easy.

Q. What type of ignition should I use when l don’t have power?Peerless Gas Range FAQ

A. Battery spark, electronic, gas pilot and glow bar ignition are all options when purchasing a stove or range.  It is important to know what type will work best when living off the grid.  Many people do not realize that a typical big name gas range purchased at a big box store still needs electricity to function. It will draw electricity to ignite the burners and will draw large amounts of electricity to heat the oven. Below is helpful information to understand the difference between the ignition types.

Q. What is Battery Spark Ignition?

A.  Battery Spark Ignition is the newest generation of off-grid ignition for ranges. Battery spark ignition is replacing gas pilot ignition. This ignition requires 8 AA batteries to power an electronic sparker on the range top as well as in the oven burner. This ignition can also be lit with a match ion the range top burners as well as in the oven in case batteries are not available or out of juice.  The best stove for off grid use is a propane battery spark ignition stove. Peerless premier offers off grid stoves, ovens and ranges that use propane with battery spark ignition.

Q. What is Electronic Ignition?

Peerless premier offers ranges in electronic ignition. Electronic Ignition is a very low wattage draw only during the spark phase of the range top burners or oven burner. This system works great for solar systems due to the low wattage draw. The Electronic Ignition type burners can also be lit with a match in the case that no electricity is available. Simply turn the burner to low and light.

Q. What is Gas Pilot ignition?

A. Electricity is not needed in this system. Gas Pilot Ignition is the trusty standard with a continuously burning pilot flame.

Q. What is Glow Bar Ignition?

A. Glow Bar Ignition is used by most brand name range manufacturers to ignite the oven during the cooking process. The glow bar draws a very high current to ignite the burner which puts a large load on solar systems. This lighting process repeats itself many times during one cooking cycle to control the heat range of the set temperature in the oven.  The oven is useless without electricity, since the glow bar cannot be lit with a match.  A glow bar ignition is not a good option when living off the grid.

Please contact us for any other questions you may have about an off grid range, oven or stove!