16 Cu. Ft. Propane Refrigerator by EZ Freeze

16 Cu. Ft. Propane Refrigerator By EZ Freeze

At Warehouse Appliance, we offer numerous alternatively powered appliances utilizing different fuel sources and in varying sizes for residences in the United States, including our 16 cu. ft. propane refrigerator. This durable, high-quality refrigerator is powered by propane gas and features wire refrigerator shelves as well as exceptional airflow to ensure maximum cooling efficiency. Our 16 cu. ft. propane refrigerator from EZ Freeze also features a butter dish, two separate crisper drawers, and doors that can fit five one-gallon jugs at once.

Owning a 16 cu. ft. propane refrigerator can provide you and your loved ones with several benefits. The primary benefit is not having to rely on electricity from the grid. As a result, your residence can keep perishables cool whether you live on or off the grid, which helps ensure you and your family have the food and supplies you need in the event of a blackout or for your stay in an isolated cabin.

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Applications for 16 Cu. Ft. Propane Refrigerators

At Warehouse Appliance, our 16 cu. ft. propane refrigerator is ideal for use in numerous settings – both on and off the grid. Some of the many applications for this propane-powered refrigerator include:

Each of these various dwellings can be the perfect home for our 16 cu. ft. propane refrigerator, which can help keep perishables cool without a need for electricity.

Why Choose Warehouse Appliance for Propane-Powered Refrigerators?

Top-quality products like our 16 cu. ft. propane refrigerator is just one of the many reasons to choose us at Warehouse Appliance. We supply a variety of alternatively powered products and appliances that utilize propane gas, natural gas, and even solar power. Our team uses and tests each of the products we sell, which helps us ensure that you receive a first-rate product from us. Yet, in the event of an issue, we also offer technical assistance over the phone as well as a seven-year warranty on our 16 cu. ft. propane refrigerator.

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At Warehouse Appliance, we supply homes, tiny homes, cabins, and more in the United States with our advantageous 16 cu. ft. propane refrigerators. Contact us today to learn more and receive a custom shipping quote!