How to Buy a Propane Refrigerator

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Purchasing a propane refrigerator is not a small investment and buying it from a reliable company is as important as the refrigerators’ quality and durability. You can make your investment worthwhile by choosing a company that is dedicated in providing you with excellent service and assistance when needed. Warehouse Appliance has be around for decades and we’re not going anywhere!  We not only know the best brands to purchase but also know how to set-up, maintain, repair and service all brands of propane refrigerators.


Warehouse Appliance specializes in offering a wide variety of quality natural gas and propane refrigerators that are available in different sizes, designs and features.  Warehouse Appliance not only offers propane refrigerators but also provides propane freezers, parts and their accessories.

When deciding to purchase the propane fridge or freezer, browse our site and take advantage of the wealth of information published here or just give us a call at 928-636-1955 and we can help with any questions.

Budget-Friendly Small Propane Refrigerators

10 cu. ft. Propane Refrigerator by EZ Freeze

Cold Food Storage

No power? No problem! This budget-friendly small propane refrigerator is the perfect off-grid option for food and beverage storage. It has the capacity to store a lot of beverages and several days’ worth of food without power. With internal glass shelf organization, a crisper drawer, and a door shelf for gallon jugs, this fridge offers all the comforts of a regular refrigerator, but without electricity reliance and at a size that’s ideal for unique space like a she-shed or man cave.

Mid-Range Propane Refrigerators

16 Cubic Foot White – EZ Freeze Gas Refrigerator

Propane Freezer

At 16 cu. ft., the organization and capacity of this fridge/freezer combo will remind you of a smaller version of your kitchen fridge, and it works beautifully! The extra storage space on the door, butter dish, and crisper drawers make this a highly versatile propane fridge that will keep snacks or even full meals cold or frozen; no electricity necessary!

Premium Propane Refrigerators

EZ Freeze 21 Cubic Foot Stainless Steel

Propane fridge

You might confuse this beautiful, full-sized stainless steel fridge for your standard kitchen fridge- it could even replace it! The largest propane fridge available, this makes an excellent option for entertaining. If you’ll be hosting friends to watch the game or holding a book club or girls’ night in, this propane fridge works like a dream and it is the top of the line; fully capable of meeting all of your cold food and beverage storage needs.

See our testimonials page and read what our customers say about us.  Although many of our sales come from internet searches, many sales are a result of a referral or “word of mouth” between neighbors and friends.  It is no accident that we are the authorities when it comes to gas refrigerators sales and service within the USA.  We treat all our customers like they are our neighbors. After all we do all live Off-Grid.


Each propane refrigerator comes with a warranty that is superior to all others in the industry. The EZ Freeze factory provides the original 60 month warranty and Dynamx, Inc / adds an additional 24 month warranty – 7 YEARS TOTAL – for the all important cooling unit. Customers facing any technical problems with their propane refrigerators or freezers can contact our staff at Warehouse Appliance with their sales invoice, model and serial number in hand and inform the staff about the issue. We gladly will handle all warranty issues and even non-warranty issues for you.

After viewing detailed information about the features, specifications and warranty details of the propane refrigerator you can purchase it if it suits your requirements and budget. EZ Freeze natural gas refrigerators are also available at Warehouse Appliance and are manufactured in USA by an Amish company that is dedicated to the highest quality and reliability.

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We can ship your new refrigerator to most locations including your residence. Click here for more information or click here to get a custom freight quote.