Solar Powered Electric Refrigerators

Solar refrigerators powered by DC offer another alternative for those in sunny locations such as the Southwestern United States or Mexico. We currently sell solar refrigerators and solar freezers from three companies with great results. SunfrostSunStar, and  SunDanzer Refrigerators. Try a great off-grid refrigerator where normal AC refrigerators won’t work.

Our solar powered refrigerators feature performance and quality of the best in DC refrigerators. Contact Warehouse Appliance if you would like more information on this off-grid appliances or any of our solar refrigerators.

We all know how vulnerable our current electric grid can be. Over the years, there have been calls for refrigerators that can operate outside of our conventional grid and which provide the same (or even better) level of dependability. The answer is clearly solar powered refrigerators. 

Solar powered or DC refrigerators are a welcome alternative to traditional refrigerators which use a ton of energy and can consume a great deal of resources.  Looking for energy efficient refrigerators that are durable and which perform at optimum efficiency? Look no further. Our refrigerators utilize as low as 45W of power and can sometimes operate on a single solar panel and battery.

Solar refrigerators have become increasingly popular as more people realize the value of off-the-grid appliances. These units are typically used in off-the-grid locations where utility-provided AC power is not readily available or is unreliable. Not only are they a source of clean energy, our refrigerators are high-quality and are built right here in the U.S.A using durable, long-lasting components. All of the refrigerators that we stock are built to military standards and have an internationally-recognized quality assurance system.

Our DC refrigerators also offer maximum convenience. This includes a sizable cooler and freezer section to store all your perishables, a high-tech temperature control option, and the ability to run on one solar battery and panel. 

Solar powered refrigerators have also played a critical role during the recent pandemic. This is also true for rural communities. In the face of the COVID-19, off-grid refrigerators are uniquely positioned to provide consistent, reliable refrigeration even in the most remote locations. Solar powered refrigerators have also been used to store vaccines at their appropriate temperatures in remote and generally inaccessible areas.  If solar DC fridges do not fit your application, you may also consider our propane refrigerators.