A review of the EZ Freeze gas refrigerator from a satisfied customer

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A satisfied customer from Texas sent in this review of the EZ Freeze 19-cubic foot refrigerator. Warehouse Appliance is happy to share that the EZ Freeze refrigerator, and our dedicated staff, has met and exceeded this customer’s expectations.

The customer writes: “We’ve had the fridge for five years so I feel confident in giving a review. Our decision to purchase a propane refrigerator was based on the fragility of the grid and the requirement to have safe cold storage of food in case of a grid failure – either local or national, short-term or long-term.


  • It doesn’t look any different than a regular electric refrigerator.
  • The inside of the fridge has an excellent LED light powered by D batteries. The case for the batteries is in the back outside of the fridge, and it’s not difficult to change them. We’ve changed the batteries just once in five years and it was only because we did some maintenance on the fridge.
  • Easy to clean. All it takes is a damp rag and a dry paper towel. Just like you’d do on your electric fridge.
  • The biggest pro in buying the unit is getting one from Warehouse Appliance. They have been amazing all these years on all of my pre-purchase questions as well as maintenance questions. The DVD you get with the unit is invaluable. Watch the DVD and keep it with all the documentation that comes with the fridge.


  • You’ve got to defrost it. The defrosting frequency depends on how much you use the fridge. I defrost as soon as the fins are 50% to 75% iced. I use a small fan and defrost the freezer first. Then I move the fan to the refrigerator section to blow on the fins.

Lessons learned

  • Get the AcuRite thermometer.
  • Keep maintenance equipment on hand at all times.  We use the flue brush once a year.
  • When you defrost the fridge, clean the flue and blow out the blower with a can of air. The instructions are on the DVD.
  • Pay attention to the maintenance schedule.
  • We moved as many appliances to propane as possible over the past several years because it’s reliable in a grid-down situation.

The bottom line of any review is “would I buy this again?” The unequivocal answer is “yes” and I would still buy from Warehouse Appliance because their team is knowledgeable, pragmatic, professional, patient, and friendly.”

The EZ Freeze gas refrigerator is the top brand in the LP refrigerator industry. When you’re in the market for a gas refrigerator, call the experts at Warehouse Appliance. We offer technical advice and repairs on site or via telephone. Call us today at 928-636-1955.