EZ-Defrost System for Gas Refrigerators

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Why are all gas refrigerators manual defrost? In order to accomplish an automatic defrost cycle that includes timers and heating elements, the unit must have electric power. This electric defrost cycle puts a large load on the electric supply. Built primarily for use in off grid non-electric locations, the manufacturers of propane gas refrigerators elect not to include this feature. The frost build-up inside of the refrigerator compartment is inevitable and eventually will lower the efficiency of any gas non-electric refrigerator. Depending on a few factors will determine when and how often the off grid refrigerator will need to be defrosted. The humidity in the air, number of door openings, and moisture on groceries will all contribute to frost build up and will vary depending upon the owner and climate. We find that a defrosting schedule can be as often as every 3 months or as little as once a year even within the largest propane refrigeratorEZ Freeze has developed a defrosting method that takes all of the work out of defrosting. It is as simple as turning a dial. The EZ-Defrost System is available on all models.

How do I know when it’s time to defrost my Gas Refrigerator?

Here at WarehouseAppliance.com we have been using propane refrigerators for over 30 years. We have come up with a simple way to determine when defrosting is required. A non electric refrigerator will have aluminum cooling fins located on the back wall of the refrigerator compartment. Humidity will collect on these fins and turn to ice. We monitor these fins and find that when the frost builds up between these fins to the point where there is no air space between the fins due to ice build up, then it is time to defrost.

How does the EZ-Defrost System work?

The EZ-Defrost System includes multiple parts. First is a pan under the cooling fins inside the fridge compartment with drip spout that directs the water to a funnel mounted on the back wall of the fridge interior. The water then funnels out through the back wall and down into a removable tray on the rear of the unit. The tray is designed to either be removed and emptied or left in place where the water will evaporate due to the heated tray holder.

As close to automatic as it gets.

In order to defrost, all you need to do is turn the temperature thermostat dial to a minimum setting in the evening and in the morning the frost in the fridge will be defrosted and drained through the above process. At this point in time all you need to do is turn the thermostat dial back to where it was prior to defrosting. No need to empty the contents of the fridge. No need to turn off the unit. No need to use a hair dryer or hot water to defrost. This is why we call it the EZ-Defrost System.