Off-Grid Appliances and Parts – Propane, Natural Gas, DC Solar Fridges, Freezers and more

We are the leader in off-grid appliances from propane to natural gas and solar. Contact Warehouse Appliance for more information on any of our propane or natural gas off-grid refrigerators, off-grid freezers, ranges/stoves, lighting, and cooling products. We are your off-grid living experts!

Why buy from Warehouse Appliance? Our off-grid appliances are proudly made in the USA. Our off-grid refrigerators and freezers have a 7 year warranty. We sell and service our propane fridges & off grid appliances. We have 30 years experience.

There is a general misconception that living off-grid means you have to give up most of your daily conveniences. The truth is: you can still enjoy the comforts of life with the help of off-grid appliances. Warehouse Appliances stocks affordable but high-quality propane refrigerators and freezers, propane gas ranges/ovens, solar powered electric freezers, Falk gas powered lights, DC powered electric ceiling fans, Humphrey gas powered lights, and more. Need parts and accessories? We also stock all propane refrigerator parts such as gas fridge hookups from renowned manufacturers.

Our off-grid appliances are ideal for anyone where conventional electricity is either unreliable or unavailable.  If you’re completely off-grid, with no way to generate power then propane refrigerators can come in handy. Whether you’re in a remote cabin, or a highly populated residential city, our gas-powered refrigerators and freezers can be a welcome addition to off-grid lifestyle.

The key to getting the best out of your off-grid appliances is combining performance with convenience. Here are the features you can expect with our off-grid appliances:

  • Maximum energy-efficiency for off-grid purposes
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Ease of installation

If you’re an off-grid enthusiast, you undoubtedly take great pride in your DIY (do-it-yourself) mentality and independent life. With off-grid appliances, we make your dreams a reality. From our easily navigable website to our friendly customer service, Warehouse Appliances makes the purchase of your off-grid appliances as smooth as possible regardless of your level of expertise. We ensure everything is ‘plug and play’ and requires little effort in terms of installation and hookup.