Solar Powered Refrigerator Freezers by Sun Star

SunStar offers a variety of DC powered Solar Refrigerators and Freezers including both upright and chest style. These large-capacity, solar-powered, super-efficient appliances include 4.5 inches of polyurethane insulation. Features include a Full Range thermostat for refrigerating or freezing, 12 or 24 volt self sensing input voltage, Drain Hole, Coated Steel Interior, Double Gasket Seals for low frost build-up and a Cooling Fan for faster cool-down times and longer compressor life. The perfect off-grid appliance for your lifestyle.

USA Made Quality Control

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Showing all 7 results

It’s an off-grid freezer or refrigerator all in one. These solar powered freezer units are the largest in the industry.

Note: A solar freezer can be used directly from a solar panel or setup with a battery bank for operation when sunlight is not available.

Sun Star Solar Refrigerator Freezers feature performance and quality of the best in dc refrigerator freezers.

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