Links and Resources for Off-Grid Appliance Manufacturers

 Falks Gas Lights – Indoor propane-powered lighting for homes.Peerless Premier Ranges – Propane-powered and natural gas-powered ranges.Sunfrost Solar Refrigerators – DC Compressor refrigerators designed for solar powerSundanzer – DC Freezers and refrigerators with high-efficiency design

More Information on Propane and Solar Refrigerators and the “Einstein Fridge”

HomePower Propane SafetyFind a Propane Gas SupplierServel Propane Refrigerator RecallPropane Can Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions Albert Einstein and the Absorption RefrigeratorThe Einstein / Szilard Absorption Fridge on WikipediaThe Crosley IcyBallFor more information about the solar, propane, and natural gas appliances we sell and service, or general gas fridge questions, please contact the off-grid appliance specialists at Warehouse Appliance.