Fridge Size Comparison – EZ Freeze, Diamond, Crystal Cold

Trying to compare all the different capacities, dimensions and propane usage for all the propane refrigerators out there? It’s difficult to go from one site to another. Below we have compiled a chart showing the different dimensions, capacity, weight and propane usage for the 3 main brands of propane refrigerators on the market: EZ Freeze, Diamond and Crystal Cold.

Visually compare the different sizes of EZ Freeze Propane fridges:

Compare refrigerator dimensions, capacity, weight and propane usage all in one convenient chart. Size comparison chart for EZ Freeze, Diamond, Crystal Cold and Consul Danby Propane Refrigerators.

Overall HeightOverall WidthOverall DepthFreezer Interior HeightFreezer Interior WidthFreezer Interior DepthFridge Interior HeightFridge Interior WidthFridge Interior DepthOverall Capacity - Cubic FeetFreezer Capacity - Cubic FeetFridge Capacity - Cubic FeetApprox. Fridge WeightAverage Propane Usage - 24 Hours
EZ-2168-1/2"29-5/8"37-1/2"16-3/4"24"24"39-1/2"26"24"21.65.616270 lbs.40 gal / 1.7 lbs
EZ-1966-1/4"29-5/8"35-1/4"14"24"22"39-1/2"26"25"18.84.414.4255 lbs.35 gal / 1.5 lbs
EZ-1565-1/2"28"34"14"22-3/4"20-1/2"39-3/4"23-1/2"22-1/2"15.33.811.5220 lbs.29 gal / 1.25 lbs
EZ-1162-3/4"23-5/8"28-1/2"15-1/2"17-1/2"18-1/4"34-1/2"19-1/4"20-1/2"10.832.97.93170 lbs.25 gal / 1.1 lbs
DD-1966-1/4"30"35"14-1/2"23-3/4"24"39-1/2"26"24-1/2"19.14.714.4295 lbs.35 gal. / 1.5 lbs
DD-1765"28.5"35.5"14"22-1/2"24"38-1/2"24"24-1/2"17.44.313.1235 lbs.35 gal. / 1.5 lbs
DD-1471"28"35"n/an/an/an/an/an/a144.39.7220 Lbs.35 gal. / 1.5 lbs
DD-1062-1/2"23-1/2"29"11-3/4"17-3/4"17-1/4"39"19-1/2"18"102.17.9190 lbs.31 gal / 1.3 lbs
CC-1865-1/2"28-1/2"34"14"22"24"38-1/2"24"25" lbs.35 gal / 1.5 lbs
CC-1563-1/2"28"34"14"22"24"33-1/2"24"24" lbs.29 gal / 1.25 lbs
CC-1163"23-5/8"30"13-1/2"18-1/4"20-1/4"36-1/4"19-1/2"20-1/4"11.529230 lbs.28 gal / 1.2 lbs
Consul Danby57-1/8"24-1/4"287-1/4"17"13-1/2"35"20"17-1/2" lbs.25 gal / 1.05 lbs

EZ = EZ Freeze

DD = Diamond

CC = Crystal Cold