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Rental cabin propane refrigerator

Setting up your rental cabins with durable solar or propane refrigerators, freezers and more allow for the off-grid lifestyle weekend or vacation experiences that many city-goers crave but with the modern day perks they need to fully enjoy their stay. Cabin rental villages are a huge draw for destination weddings, hiking excursions, hunting and more. From tiny homes to log cabin rentals, Warehouse Appliance has a perfect off-grid cold food storage fridge or freezer that will fit perfectly no matter how small the space.

Compare Solar vs Propane

To decide which is best for your rental cabin set up, we wrote an article that will help you compare the differences between solar refrigerators and propane refrigerators. Check out our blog post where we go into detail on the merits of solar vs propane refrigeration.

Rental cabin solar refrigeratorPropane Cold Food Storage

If you are setting up multiple rental cabins you don’t want to have to worry about a lot of hassles with your cold food storage appliances. With propane refrigerators from Warehouse Appliance you don’t have to stress: our inventory of propane refrigerators and propane freezers do an exceptional job at keeping your food fresh longer.

Each of our propane freezers and propane refrigerators are made in the USA, durable and long lasting. The great news is they can be powered up or turned off as needed to accommodate your rental cabin guests.

Additionally, these propane powered appliances are efficient and most of all effective at keeping cold food cold. And they are beautiful and low maintenance. These appliances can hold up to renters for many years to come.

Solar Cold Food Storage

If your rental cabins are set up for solar – then you are in luck! We offer a wide variety of sizes and colors of solar refrigerators and solar freezers. Setting up your rental cabins with a modern and stylish solar refrigerator and freezer is a snap. And they are USA made, durable and will last for years to come.

Off-grid appliances from Warehouse Appliance

For over 30 years we have prided ourselves on offering exceptional products and services. We love helping our clients with their off-grid lifestyle. All of our off-grid appliance inventory is made right here in the beautiful US of A. We ensure we are up to date on all of the latest products available for our customers, staying well trained and educated in all aspects to better benefit our clients.

We have a proven track record for high quality products and exceptional customer service. All of that, complemented with our decades in the business, gives us an edge above all others in the industry. Check out what our clients have to say about us.

Rental cabin cold food storageContact Warehouse Appliance

Your cabin renters will enjoy the comforts of modern and stylish off-grid appliances. To order, or if you have any questions please send us an email.  We are always happy to help. With our extensive inventory and our friendly team of experts we will help you set up your rental cabins with beautiful cost efficient off-grid appliances.

Off Grid Luxury Cabin Propane Cold Food Storage

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Your off-grid luxury cabin can uphold the highest standards in luxury living while still being remote and away from city life.  Equipping it with off-grid appliances from gives you the reliability, luxury and class you are looking for. With our extensive inventory of off-grid appliances you will be sure to find a perfect fit for your off-grid kitchen and more. Select from propane or solar cold food storage in a variety of colors and sizes to best suit your needs. 

Our inventory can be used as either a prominent feature in your luxury kitchen or can be tucked away for a more low key aesthetic. Our off-grid fridges and freezers allow you to compliment the decor for a unique custom look to your luxury cabin that is ideally suited to you.

You will love the flexibility and functionality of our off-grid appliances. Additionally, we only carry the best off-grid appliances in the industry. Rest assured you’ll have a reliable propane or DC powered fridge that is long lasting, does a fantastic job at keeping your food fresh and is a beautiful addition to your luxury cabin.

Luxury Cabin Living and Propane Cold Food Storage

Selecting a beautiful and reliable propane refrigerator and freezer has never been easier. Our inventory of available propane powered off-grid refrigerators and freezers will keep your luxury cabin ready for use at a moment’s notice; any time of year.

Our inventory of propane appliances is perfectly suited for year round use or can be put into a hibernated state until you are needing it again. We offer durable, reliable and long lasting cold food storage options for your luxury cabin.

Luxury Cabin Solar Cold Food Storage

Many of our clients with a luxury cabin have invested a significant amount of money into a stand alone solar system. If that is true for you, our line of solar refrigerators and solar freezers are excellent options and are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Even when you already have a solar system in place you need solar powered refrigerators and freezers that are energy efficient and that won’t aggressively consume your stored power. We offer excellent solar powered refrigeration and freezer options for your luxury cabin that are energy efficient; utilizing the least amount of solar power to get the job done effectively.

Luxury cabin appliancesForward Thinking Leaders in the Industry of Off-grid Appliances

We pride ourselves on offering an inventory that is made right here in the United States of America. With over thirty years in the business, we are a leader in off-grid appliances. We are continually focused on being forward thinking in the industry; ensuring that our customers enjoy durable and long lasting appliances that beautifully compliment their off-grid lifestyle. By staying forward thinking, we keep ourselves up to date and well versed in the off-grid industry. This allows us to further ensure that our luxury cabin appliances reflect the best the industry has to offer.

We personally live and breathe the off-grid lifestyle making our passion an integral part of our company as we choose to live off-grid ourselves. We know that having high quality products that are built to last is key to honoring that lifestyle. Being off grid is synonymous with intentional living, which means that everything is well thought out, it must serve its use and purpose and do it well. Our top of the line off-grid appliances are perfect for luxury cabin living.

Contact Warehouse Appliance

We are always happy to be of assistance to you. Our extensive inventory of off-grid appliances are in high demand but we work hard to ensure that we are available and ready to take care of your needs as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please send us an email; our fast and friendly team members are ready to assist you.

What our clients are saying. 

Check out more of our luxury cabin off-grid appliances and additional options to comfortably outfit your cabin; with top of the line USA made products.

Luxury cabin propane refrigeratorFeatured Off-grid Luxury Cabin Refrigerators:

EZ Freeze – Propane Powered Refrigerator Freezer Combo

Sun Star – Solar Powered DC Refrigerator Freezer Combination

Sundanzer – Solar powered Refrigerators 

Luxury cabin cold food storageFeatured Luxury Off-grid Cabin Freezers:

Blizzard- propane freezer

SunStar – Solar powered DC chest freezer

Sundanzer – Solar powered chest freezer 

Luxury cabin stoveFeatured Luxury Off-grid Cabin Propane Oven Ranges:

Peerless Premier Propane Range Ovens

Featured Off-Grid Luxury Cabin Solar Powered Ceiling Fans:

Vari Solar powered ceiling fans

Featured Luxury Cabin Off-Grid Air Conditioners:

Solar Chill Off-Grid Solar Powered Air Conditioners

Featured Luxury Off-Grid Cabin Gas Powered Lights:

Off-Grid Cabin Gas Lights

Off-Grid Eco Cabin Living

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Off-grid luxury cabin living

Eco cabins are known for being ecologically friendly as the name indicates. They have a very minimal environmental impact and by using off-grid appliances and renewable resources wherever possible this furthers that objective. Warehouse Appliance offers an extensive inventory of off grid eco cabin appliances that are perfectly suited for your environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Even if this is just your occasional get-away-cabin or your home year round, our appliances are built to last and hold up to the rigours of off-grid life while staying eco friendly. Adhering to the off-grid lifestyle while still enjoying modern day appliances is the best of both worlds. Our inventory of propane and solar appliances make life a little more comfortable and convenient for eco cabin living. And the durability and quality of these appliances have them lasting for many years to come.

Eco-Cabin Propane Cold Food Storage

Reviewing your best options in regards to cold food storage for your eco-cabin is easy when you consider the extensive inventory of propane refrigerators and freezers at Warehouse Appliance.

You will find that our propane refrigerators, fridge/freezer combos, stand alone freezers are exceptionally high quality and all of them are made in the USA. These propane refrigerators and freezers are all highly durable, offering excellent performance and longevity. Allowing you to extend the shelf life of your foods with cold storage while utilizing low cost and easily attainable propane fuel.

Check out our article for more information on the smart economics of propane refrigeration.

Eco-Cabin Propane RefrigeratorFeatured Off-grid Cabin Refrigerator:

EZ Freeze – Propane Powered Refrigerator Freezer Combo


Blizzard 15 Cu. Ft. Upright gas freezer exterior white by EZ FreezeFeatured Off-grid Eco Cabin Propane Freezer:

Blizzard- propane freezer

Solar Cold Food Storage for your Eco Cabin

If you are already planning to install solar panels for your eco cabin then we recommend that you check out one of our solar powered refrigerators or freezers. Just be certain to account for the expense of the solar system, panels, battery bank and generators. Thoroughly investigate the number of days of sunshine for your area to ensure that you have planned for enough electrical power to run your solar refrigerators and solar freezers as needed.

Often a solar installation, while allowing you to be off the grid, can be highly expensive to set up to supply enough power to run everything for your eco cabin successfully. Refrigeration and freezers while energy efficient still pull a good amount of energy in order to keep your food cold. So it is well worth your time to calculate what you can expect from your solar system, and ensure that you have a contingency plan in the event of more overcast days than you anticipated.

We offer a broad range of colors and sizes of solar refrigeration, fridge and freezer combinations, stand up freezers as well as chest freezers. With our extensive variety of solar freezers and refrigerators you will be certain to find the perfect fit for your eco cabin.

Featured Off-grid Eco Cabin Solar Refrigerators:

Sun Star – Solar Powered DC Refrigerator Freezer Combination

Sundanzer – Solar powered Refrigerators 

Eco-Cabin Solar Refrigerator

Featured Off-grid Eco Cabin Solar Freezers:

SunStar – Solar powered DC chest freezer

Sundanzer – Solar powered chest freezer 

Eco-Cabin Propane Cold Food Storage

At Warehouse Appliance our eco cabin off-grid appliance inventory is:

  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • Long lasting
  • Reliable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to repair
  • Made in the USA

Testimonials and Reviews: check out what our clients have to say about us. 

Contact Warehouse Appliance

We have been in the off-grid appliance industry for well over 30 years and counting, and live the off-grid lifestyle ourselves. With that knowledge we are uniquely qualified to help our clients with their best setup of off-grid appliances.

We are happy to assist you with identifying the best solar or propane refrigerator / freezer for your eco cabin, just send us an email or give us a call at 928-636-1955. With our extensive inventory and our friendly team of experts, we a

Solar & Propane Appliances for Off-Grid Vacation Homes

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Off-Grid Vacation Homes

Outfitting your vacation home with off-grid appliances allows you to untether further from the hustle and bustle of city life. Purchasing from Warehouse Appliance allows you to relax knowing that you get the best selection of appliances that offer modern day conveniences while adhering to your off-grid lifestyle.

Vacation home cold food storage

No matter if your vacation home is used exclusively by you or a rental property, you will be pleased with our extensive inventory. The premium craftsmanship of our propane refrigerators and solar refrigerators, freezers will outlast other fridges and freezers on the market. We also offer the longest warranty coverage available.

Featured Off-grid Vacation Home Refrigerators:

EZ Freeze – Propane Powered Refrigerator Freezer Combo

Sun Star – Solar Powered DC Refrigerator Freezer Combination

Sundanzer – Solar powered Refrigerators 

Propane Appliances for Off-Grid Vacation Homes

Durable Vacation Home Appliances Holding up to Renters

With the latest trends, there are a greater number of Americans choosing to stay in a home for their vacations. There is a big surge in vacation home rentals. This is a great way for many secondary homeowners or vacation home owners to put their investments to work for them. You’ll certainly want reliable appliances like our propane refrigerators and solar refrigerators that are low maintenance, and low cost to operate. They also happen to be extremely well made, durable and long lasting. Holding up to the heavy use of renters.

With the installation of appliances that are durable and long lasting your vacation home renters will enjoy having modern day conveniences no matter how remote. And you will enjoy the look of a beautiful and functional appliance that is low maintenance and energy efficient.

Off-Grid Appliances – Versatility and Peace of Mind for Your Cold Food Storage

With the recent shift in the world, many people are working from home. Vacation home owners now have a greater ability and freedom to work from their vacation home, allowing greater ability to utilize their investment to decompress. Setting up your vacation home with reliable appliances that can deal with heavy daily use or be put into standby mode for long periods of time, grants you exceptional versatility and peace of mind. Warehouse Appliance offers a diverse inventory for your choice of cold food storage that is ready when you are.

USA Made Solar and Propane Refrigerator/Freezers

With worldwide travel restrictions of 2020, a remote vacation home has appeal as both a rental opportunity as well as a getaway for the homeowner. Setting up solar or propane appliances enables vacationers and homeowners alike to unwind and unplug while still having familiar, modern off-grid household appliances to help make life easier.

Enjoy a change of scenery in your vacation home and ensure it is equipped with the reliable and durable appliances from Warehouse Appliance. And be assured that they are all USA made off-grid appliances. We offer solar and propane refrigerators and freezers to fit your every need, in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Solar vs Propane

We recently discussed in length the pros and cons between off-grid appliances in our write up of propane vs solar that you can find here. 

Off-grid appliances from Warehouse Appliance

At Warehouse Appliance we carry a wide variety of superior products AND we take care of our clients. With over 30 years in the industry we have the lead in technical skill, knowledge and customer service. Taking care of our clients is an integral part of our approach to doing business, and is exactly why we are successful. We are here to help you select the best off grid appliance to perfectly suit your needs.

Our USA made propane refrigerators, freezers, solar refrigerators and more are backed with our exceptional customer service as well as our industry leading warranties. Check out what our clients are saying about us.

Contact Warehouse Appliance

Should you have any questions about our products or services, please send us an email. Our friendly team of experts are ready to help you outfit your vacation home with durable and long lasting appliances that are efficient, effective, practical and low maintenance. We look forward to hearing from you.