The Advantages of a Propane Gas Refrigerator

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What are the advantages of a LP powered refrigerator?

A propane refrigerator is an efficient way of cooling food when one is living off the grid. There are many propane fridge advantages. Since there are no moving parts on a propane refrigerator, this then means that there are no parts to wear out. .With the propane price at $1.859 a gal., a refrigerator will cost approx. $0.60 a day to operate in warmer climates. In cooler climates such as in northern CANADA , higher altitudes, etc., a refrigerator will operate at approx. $0.45 a day. With this amount of propane gas usage a person should be able to get 20 days of use with only a 20# propane cylinder This sure beats using a cooler and ice packs to carry to your cabin every time you get there

The initial cost to purchase a propane gas refrigerator is quite a bit higher than an electric refrigerator but cheaper than a 12VDC refrigerator. But to compare an electric refrigerator with a propane refrigerator is not comparing apples with apples. An electric and 12VDC refrigerator runs with Freon and a compressor pump. A propane powered refrigerator operates with a propane gas flame to heat the ammonia and distilled water using hydrogen gas to circulate steam vapor and liquid ammonia to cool it down. No electric lines or inverters and generators to power the refrigerator.

All propane gas refrigerators are hooked up with a 3/8” copper or flexible gas line to feed the gas.

If I were to purchase a refrigerator whether electric, 12VDC, or propane, which would I choose?

Most people may think that it depends on what the application would be. This being true, I personally use a propane powered refrigerator at our house. And if I were asked why, I would say that in order to live in a house off the grid, I still believe it would be the most cost effective to operate a propane refrigerator in the long run. This is based on the amount of maintenance to operate vs. a 12VDC refrigerator. Since there are no moving parts on a propane refrigerator there is hardly any maintenance to use this type of refrigeration unit. Generally speaking, a gas refrigerator usually needs to be cleaned only twice a year by cleaning the burner area and flue tube. No compressor unit to go bad . No batteries to charge.