The History of Propane Refrigeration

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Warehouse Appliance provides information for consumers in regards the history of the propane refrigerator.   

The ammonia refrigeration cooling system which is also known as an absorption cooling system was first discovered in 1824 by Micheal Faraday who tried to liquefy gases which, among them was an ammonia gas. This experiment was used in taking ammonia vapor in a glass tube with silver chloride in it and allowing it to absorb in the silver chloride powder. He then heated the chloride -ammonia mixture and watched the ammonia liquid evaporate out of the silver chloride and become cold.

This experiment later was the birth of the ammonia absorption cooling systems [HEREAFTER CALLED PROPANE REFRIGERATORS]. There has been much advancement in the understanding of this type of refrigeration in our time and age. There is also not much LP fridge history given until the early 1930’s when the SERVEL propane refrigerators were invented.

At the time of this invention there was not much refrigeration available on the market. Therefore, this become the first most popular refrigerator which at that time was sold in large cities by the 10’s of thousands for apartments, hotels, and any other application known. People had only a few other options available for refrigeration at that time.

Since then, refrigeration has greatly advanced with electric refrigerators, 12V solar DC refrigerator units, and propane gas refrigerators. These refrigerators are always being improved to add more efficiency and less energy with less money. Many people still resort to propane absorption refrigeration systems for a non electric appliance.

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