Why do I need a Gas Fridge?

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Reasons to own a Gas Fridge are:

  • You don’t have on grid electricity.
  • You don’t like the noise an electric refrigerator makes.
  • You are EMF intolerant.
  • Your home is subject to natural disasters and power outages.
  • Dooms day is coming.

One of the most basic necessities in life is food. And food storage is vital to prolonged life. And cold food storage is important for healthy living. If you fall into any of the above scenarios or categories, then a gas fridge may be perfect for you or your situation.

All refrigerators must run from an energy source. One of the propane fridge advantages are the fact that the energy (propane gas) is able to be stored. Not only that, but the energy is portable. This fact alone gives the propane refrigerator great advantages over any electric refrigerator in some situations.

The myth that a gas refrigerator does not cool as well as an electric is not at all true. Not only will they get as cold or colder than it’s electric counterpart, the absorption unit has far less parts than an electric compressor system. Less parts equal less chance of a failure. There are virtually no moving parts within the propane gas refrigeration system with the exception of the thermostat which is moved by the user.

One power outage of more than two days can completely decimate your food supply in your electric fridge. With the cost of food within the fridge being upwards of $500.00, it pays to have a gas fridge as a back up unit.

Of course in the case of off grid living there is not much of an alternative. Many will find that purchasing ice for coolers will get very expensive and eventually over run the cost of a LPG fridge. DC refrigerator solar powered units are an alternative if the area has enough sun light per day and the solar system is large enough to handle the enormous load. See them here.