The Importance of a Blue Flame on Propane Refrigerators

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What so many of us with a propane refrigerator don’t realize is that flame within the burner box needs to have a certain look and sound in order to produce just the right amount of heat to cool a gas refrigerator.  The right amount of heat produced beneath the cooling unit exhaust pipe is of the utmost importance to cool down the propane refrigerator.  This flame size will vary depending on the thermostat and the actual temperature inside the gas refrigerator.  We look for a 1 to 2 inch flame with a nice crystal blue crown.  We want this flame to be more along the lines of a butane lighter look and not a regular zip lighter.  As most of us know, the blue flame produces more heat than a dirty camp fire flame.  If this blue flame turns into a more yellow looking candle, you can be sure your propane fridge will not cool properly.

So, what are the causes of a yellow flame?  The most common cause of a yellow flame or dirty flame, as we call it here at Warehouse Appliance, is debris.  This could include dust, lint, spider webs insects and other critters that find the burner box as a nice home.  Typically, propane refrigerators are used in cabins and other vacation spots that aren’t used all year round.  When your vacation time is over and you turn the gas off on your propane or natural gas refrigerator you can be sure that your burner box and orifice become a collection spot for dirt and debris that find their way to the back of the fridge.

We here at Dynamx encourage all of our customers to clean out their burner boxes before starting up their propane fridge.  The best way to keep from getting a dirty flame is to use compressed air to blow out the affected area.  Cleaning the exhaust pipe with a flue brush is also a necessity to ensure the pipe stays clean and heats the cooling unit properly.  Our EZ Freeze refrigerators provide easy access to the burner tube and orifice while also providing better protection from outside wandering debris and possible items that can burn up in the burner tube.

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