Defrosting your propane refrigerator

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Do you regularly look into the freezer, chip away at frozen shelves of food trying to find something before frostbite sets in? Warehouse Appliance discusses defrosting your propane refrigerator.

All gas refrigerators are manual defrost, but why?

Those who have owned a newer electric freezer are aware of their auto defrost feature. The unit’s defrost cycle includes timers and heating elements, which put a large load on the electric supply. For this reason, manufacturers of propane gas refrigerators do not include this feature.

Frost buildup inside of a refrigerator compartment is inescapable and will gradually lower the efficiency of any refrigerator. Your gas fridge needs to be defrosted manually. Depending on a few factors, your application and time will help to determine when and how often the off-grid refrigerator will need to be defrosted.

How do I know when it’s time to defrost my gas refrigerator?

A non-electric refrigerator has aluminum cooling fins located on the back wall of the refrigerator compartment. Humidity collects on these fins and turns to ice. Regularly inspect these fins. When the frost builds up between these fins to the point where there is no air space between the fins it is time to defrost. The good news is, EZ Freeze has developed a defrosting method that takes all the work out of defrosting. It is as simple as turning a dial. The EZ-Defrost System is available on all models.

How does the EZ-Defrost System work?

Using the EZ-Defrost System is as close to automatic as it gets. In order to defrost, all you need to do is turn the temperature thermostat dial to a minimum setting in the evening and in the morning the fridge will be defrosted.

Warehouse Appliance is interested in helping you get the most efficient use of your propane refrigerator. If you have questions about defrosting your gas fridge, or if you’re thinking of replacing your electric refrigerator with a new generation propane refrigerator, call the experts at Warehouse Appliance at 928-636-1955.