Why you should consider a gas refrigerator instead of electric

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Today’s market offers consumers far more choices when it comes time to replacing or upgrading our home’s common household appliances. Typically people replace like for like. If you have an electric refrigerator you obviously replace it with an electric refrigerator, right? Well, not anymore. These days consumers have some really great options available. Warehouse Appliance wants you to know that you don’t need to live off-grid, remotely, or in areas of frequent natural disasters (limiting power supply) to consider the many advantages of buying a propane or natural gas refrigerator.

Did you know that:

  • Almost any appliance that runs on electricity can run on propane and do it more reliably and economically? Propane is America’s natural fuel source and we produce 90% of the propane we use right here at home.
  • Over the last few decades, propane refrigerators have been designed and built with better fuel economy and low emissions in mind. Propane-fueled appliances require less maintenance, greater convenience and higher efficiency over electrically-operated appliances.
  • There are no moving parts used to cool a gas refrigerator. This means that there are no parts to wear out. Electric and 12V refrigerators require freon and an electric compressor/pump. These moving parts can, and do, wear out. Inverters and generators also wear out and meet the same fate.
  • Propane appliances offer a great return on investment. While they might initially be a little more expensive than their electric counterparts, you’ll use much less energy and save money by using less fuel.

The bottom line is simple. Propane appliances have a come a long, long way in both product design and efficiency. If you’ve got questions about replacing your electric refrigerator with a new generation propane refrigerator, call the experts at Warehouse Appliance at 928-636-1955