A Slight Turn to Propane Refrigerators

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A recent increase of sales of propane refrigerators has indicated a slight turn from electric to propane refrigeration.  There are many misconceptions about gas refrigerators.  One of them is that they have a compressor similar to electric refrigerators that is some how powered by the propane gas.  In fact, it is a totally different science which benefits those who are fed up with the noise an electric fridge can make.

Propane fridges are much different than traditional electric fridges. The propane refrigerator uses a small burner, powered by LP or natural gas to heat a solution in the coiling tubes. This creates a liquid vapor, which is very cold, inside the tube.  The cold, produced by the solution inside the cooling unit, then gets transferred to the inside of the fridge.  Propane refrigerators and natural gas refrigerators eliminate electricity use and all the noisy moving parts that are required to cool an electric refrigerator.

Here are the main reasons a propane refrigerator may be attractive to consumers: very quiet easy to maintain parts are readily available most repairs can be done yourself. Never worry about losing your food due to a power outage. We here at Warehouse Appliance have seen an up-tick in sales to consumers who are sick of high electric bills and noisy compressors.  Our propane refrigerators can easily be converted to natural gas for those consumers who find themselves on the grid but are leery of the electric refrigerator.  The difference between the natural gas refrigerator and propane fridge is simply orifice and regulator size.  So, consumers who have the luxury of electricity and natural gas can rest easy knowing they too can benefit from a propane refrigerator.

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