The importance of propane freezers for the hunting cabin

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Gas refrigerators and freezers are becoming more and more abundant among homeowners with off-grid properties and for weekend sportsmen in their hunting cabins. Whether you have a cabin on the prairie, the coast, or up in the mountains, you need dependable, reliable, and affordable refrigeration for your food. It’s imperative to keep your food cold (safe) but solar panels and generators can cost thousands. Warehouse Appliance recommends a better alternative: the LP (propane) gas freezer. 

Benefits of a propane freezer:

Extra storage
With a propane freezer in your cabin, you can stock up on frozen foods from your wholesale grocer, freeze the wild game from your hunting conquest, and even keep extra bread from getting moldy or stale while it’s left sitting on the counter.

Quiet operation
The options and possibilities with propane are numerous, including how quietly a propane freezer operates. If you’re living in the country or wilderness for peace and quiet, you’re going to be happy to learn that propane freezers and refrigerators are entirely quiet except for the whisper of a small propane flame.

Not only are they quiet but they are affordable to run. On average a 12-cubic foot gsd refrigerator will consume approximately 1.5 pounds of propane per day. If you’re using an even smaller unit, like one that is about 4 cubic foot, it will consume less than a pound of propane per day.

And no matter how remote you are or how you get there (by truck, ATV, boat or plane) transporting propane is much easier than its electrical equivalent.

The advantages are nearly endless, so if you’re looking into outfitting your hunting cabin with a propane freezer, call the experts at Warehouse Appliance today at 928-636-1955.