Advantages of propane appliances

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To understand the advantages of using liquid propane gas, it’s important to understand what propane is. Warehouse Appliance, experts in the absorption refrigeration field, would like to explain not only what liquid propane is, but also the benefits of using liquid propane as a fuel source for your household appliances.

Liquid propane is similar to natural gas, but is a different chemical compound. Liquid propane, or LP gas, is normally a gaseous material, but when stored under pressure it becomes a liquid. Because this liquid is easy to transport, propane use is very common in the camping world. Its ability to be transported easily and quickly also make liquid propane gas an excellent choice for your home needs. Here are some important features of liquid propane:

  • Liquid propane has a higher heating value, which means it provides more heat for cooking or heating your home, using less fuel.
  • Liquid propane is non-toxic, not harmful to soil or water, and will not harm the environment if released into the atmosphere.
  • LP gas does not contain sulfur, making it a cleaner energy source than oil.
  • LP gas burns more consistently, which makes it more dependable than other energy sources.
  • Liquid propane is more environmentally friendly, releasing less carbon dioxide than other heating sources, like coal and oil.

There are numerous advantages to having propane appliances, whether you’re looking into outfitting your home or hunting cabin. If you have questions about installing propane appliances in your home, call the experts at Warehouse Appliance today at 928-636-1955.