Benefits of a propane refrigerator during a natural disaster

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Everyone in this country is familiar with natural disasters, whether we have personally survived them or vicariously suffered with others through the stories, images, and footage of yet another tragedy in the news. While some areas of the country are more prone to predictable disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes, a disaster can strike anywhere and at any time. It is vitally important to know how to mitigate damage and loss beforehand. Warehouse Appliance can help by outlining the benefits of using a propane refrigerator. 

Natural disasters like earthquakes, fires, and hurricanes generally result in a loss of electrical power in all of the affected communities. While the event itself may be very brief, the effects of it can last for weeks and even months. A propane refrigerator can help you and your family if a disaster strikes nearby.

Reliability – You may not know that propane refrigerators do not need electricity to operate. If a natural disaster takes out the electricity in your community, your propane refrigerator will still be running. You won’t be worried about food spoilage, whether something is safe to eat or not, or any medications you depend on that may require refrigeration. Keeping food and life-saving medications safely stored at the right temperature can prevent potential health risks while you and your family wait for the electricity to be restored.

Availability – Unlike electricity, propane fuel is easily portable and can be purchased for emergency use. During hurricanes there is typically no shortage of propane, making propane-fueled appliances ideal.

Dependability – Since propane refrigerators have been used now for a number of years, in fact, decades, they are well known for their dependability. They are most often seen in recreational vehicles as well as cabins and off-grid locations. Part of their dependability is derived from having fewer moving parts. Fewer moving parts results in refrigerators that are quieter and less likely to be in need of repair.

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