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Danby Gas Refrigerator – All-Purpose Refrigerators Requiring No Electric Power

Danby propane refrigerator is among the popular gas refrigerators around today. This exceptional refrigerator is an excellent appliance to have in off-grid locations, cabins as well as vacation homes. It doesn’t matter how long electric power may be unavailable in your location, you will have your food items, perishable items as well as other items well preserved with Danby gas fridge and other gas refrigerators such as the Consul gas refrigerator.

Danby gas refrigerator is ideal for use in:

Vacation homes


Remote locations

It is also perfect for use as an emergency backup

Danby Fridge works perfectly to produce great value for the money invested. You will find 7.8 cubic foot box unit with freezer compartment, having other features such as removable shelving, interior light (battery-powered), egg rack, glide shelves (three) and massive vegetable crisper. The refrigerator also comes with removable crystal compartments, recessed-handle European rounded door, reversible door hinges as well as other standard features. This unit is consider a small propane refrigerator compared to the EZ Freeze line of larger models.

Other features include piezo ignition and temperature control systems integrated in such an easily accessible manner. There’s also safety shut-off valve, and of course, no electric plugs are needed. The Danby gas refrigerator keeps your perishable items intact and helps you preserve just anything without relying on conventional electric power to do so. This item is an excellent buy for everyone; whether you are residing in the center of the city or in remote locations where there may be no electric power supply. Vacation homes and cabins are also known to benefit greatly from these exceptional refrigerators as they have their foods and other items well preserved without relying on solar or regular electric power supply.
These refrigerators also feature male flare fitting (3/8 inches).

Unfortunately production of the Danby Propane Refrigerator ceased a few years ago.  Parts for the refrigerators are becoming increasingly hard to find.  We try hard to find parts for those consumers who have a refrigerator that needs help, but its getting harder and harder to do.  We did buy a large quantity of parts and pieces after the Danby factory stopped producing the product but these pieces are limited.  We will continue to try and find parts, even used parts when available.

This was the smallest propane refrigerator for sale in our lineup until the factory stopped production. The smallest unit we sell today is the EZ Freeze EZ-10.

Here’s a quick look at the features of the Danby gas refrigerator:

Manual piezo ignition

The refrigerator light is powered by D size dry cell battery

Gas Consumption Low 700 BTU/hour

Gas Consumption High 1600 BTU/hour

Door shelves and egg storage are integrated

Easily accessed handles

Vegetable crisper

Wire shelves ( 3 full width)