Danby Propane Refrigerator Comparison Information

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Danby Propane Refrigerator – vs – the EZ Freeze EZ-10

Imported and private labeled by the Danby Corporation, this gas refrigerator is identical to the Consul Fridge. Both made by Whirlpool of Brazil, these units only differed by the name plate on the front door. Production of these units ended in 2012 and are not available anymore. No plans to bring the brand back are on the horizon. Some parts are available and service is still available as well. Our service department continues to repair them for our local customers or those who don’t mind trucking or shipping them to our facility. Others may choose to get outside help by purchasing the Danby Repair DVD. On today’s market a well kept unit is resalable from anywhere between $600.00 and $1000.00. A comparable new model made by EZ Freeze (EZ-10) will sell for $1399.00 on today’s sale marketplace. Both are considered a small propane refrigerator.

With the proper care and maintenance the Danby refrigerators were a great asset to any off-grid vacation home, hunting camp, or full time off-grid home. One of the major draw backs to the Danby Consul fridge was the small freezer size. The 1.1 cubic foot capacity is only large enough for 2 frozen chickens and a couple of ice trays. The newer EZ Freeze EZ-10 freezer compartment measures out at 2.2 cubic feet which is moderate for a cabin size fridge. The Danby Consul fridge has been the industry leading cabin size fridge for many years, but with them being discontinued the choices have narrowed to the 10 cubic foot size. Cost is slightly higher but the gain in capacity and much less maintenance and headache is well worth the price. The EZ Freeze propane refrigerator for sale on our site here