Why Propane is King for Tiny House Refrigerators

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At Warehouse Appliance, we supply alternatively powered appliances for various types of living situations and dwellings, including our tiny house propane refrigerators. For tiny homes, propane refrigerators are the best option for preserving perishable goods like foods and medicines. Fortunately, at Warehouse Appliance, we are experts on propane-powered refrigerators because we sell and ship some of the best propane fridges on the market!

Tiny Homes and Alternative Power Sources

Tiny houses are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners and future homeowners. These dwellings can be built and attached to plots of land or even made to be transported for nomadic lifestyles. They may even be vacation homes for some. 

In any case, tiny homeowners desire the conveniences of modern life, including the ability to store perishable foods and other goods. Yet, for many tiny house owners, this can be a challenge. Many mobile or remote tiny homes do not have access to power from electrical grids. This requires them to rely on alternative power sources. 

While there are many forms of alternative energy, one of the best power sources for tiny homes, especially for their refrigerators, is propane.     

Why Propane Refrigerators Are Ideal for Tiny Homes

At Warehouse Appliance, we offer numerous propane refrigerators, which can all be excellent additions to tiny houses. The primary reasons why propane is king for tiny house refrigerators include:

Long Lasting 

Refrigerators are essential appliances in the modern world. As such, it can be a nightmare when they have issues or breakdown entirely. Fortunately, at Warehouse Appliance, we supply high-quality propane refrigerators. Our propane-powered fridges do not use a compressor and have far fewer moving parts than traditional refrigerators. As a result, they are less likely to experience wear and tear, making them a more reliable and more long-lasting option for tiny home refrigerators.  

Off Grid Living

Unlike conventional refrigerators, our propane-powered refrigerators can operate without electricity. This makes our propane fridges ideal for off-grid lifestyles, which can include tiny homes in remote locations. So with one or more of our propane refrigerators and propane freezers, your tiny home can have access to chilled and frozen goods without relying on an electrical grid.


At Warehouse Appliance, we offer all of our alternatively powered appliances, including our propane refrigerators at competitive prices. This makes them incredibly affordable. Yet, this is not the only factor in what makes our propane fridges so affordable. Propane itself is also one of the cheapest and most widely available fuel sources, which can help tiny homeowners save money. 

Why Choose Warehouse Appliance for Propane Fridges?

At Warehouse Appliance, we are a leading supplier of propane refrigerators. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to remote, off-grid lifestyles. In fact, we personally test or use most of our alternatively powered appliances. This helps us provide our customers with greater assurance that they are ordering a high-quality product. 

We offer a variety of propane refrigerators in different sizes and colors. The dimensions of our propane refrigerators range from 10 cubic feet to 21 cubic feet. However, for tiny houses, the smaller sizes typically work best. Our propane fridges are also commonly available in white, black, and stainless steel finishes, which can help blend in with your tiny home’s style and decor. 

By working with us at Warehouse Appliance, you gain access to experience, quality products, and stellar customer service. We offer free technical assistance over the phone to help you set up and address any issues with your propane refrigerator. 

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Warehouse Appliance offers propane-powered tiny house refrigerators. Unlike traditional refrigerators, our propane fridges are ideal for tiny homes for several reasons. They fit an off-grid lifestyle, are long-lasting, and are incredibly affordable. As a result, they are one of the best ways for tiny homes to preserve perishable goods like milk, meat, and cheese. 

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