Venting gas refrigerators

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One of the greatest concerns for those considering the purchase of a propane gas refrigerator is how it is vented. Is venting needed? What is the cost? Are there health concerns? Warehouse Appliance discusses venting gas refrigerators.  

Venting for refrigerators provides the flow of fresh air directly into the propane burner box and causes the carbon monoxide from the burned propane to exhaust outside. Here are some things you need to know:

  • Venting may not even be necessary if the refrigerator is in a large or open space room. In this situation there should be windows and doors to the outside that get opened often. This allows for plenty of fresh air to be exchanged. Venting may not be completely necessary.
  • Many opt for venting anyway, so they won’t have to think about opening windows or doors.
  • Venting offers more efficiency in a cooling system. This is because heat dissipates more quickly and does not get the chance to pool or linger in the immediate area. And there is always fresh air to draw into the propane burner box.
  • Although carbon monoxide emitted from the propane combustion is in quantities that fall well below safety levels, we suggest that our customers install a carbon monoxide alarm in the room for added safety. Don’t forget to change the batteries as needed!
  • An additional benefit of venting is that the heat from the exhaust is piped directly outside. During summer months, venting helps remove the increased temperature differential in the room that can be caused by the added heat source.

Warehouse Appliance wants you to be aware of the reasons to consider venting a gas refrigerator. If you are ready for a practical, affordable, reliable and quiet refrigerator, contact Warehouse Appliance today at 928-636-1955.