How Does a Solar Powered Refrigerator Work?

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At Warehouse Appliance, we offer a number of alternatively powered appliances, including solar powered refrigerators. These remarkable appliances utilize energy from sunlight to keep perishable goods like food, drinks, medicines, and more cool. Best of all, our solar refrigerators do this without needing any electrical power from the grid, making them an ideal food storage solution for off-grid living as well as emergency situations on the electrical grid. But, how do these amazing appliances work? Fortunately, we can help explain! 

Understanding Solar Energy & Refrigeration 

Understanding how a solar-powered refrigerator works begins with understanding how solar energy itself works, as well as how refrigerators work. In understanding these processes, we can start to know how solar refrigerators from us at Warehouse Appliance work and how they can help you – whether you live on or off the grid. 

Let’s take a closer look at these processes:

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#1. Solar Power 

Solar energy is one of the many products from our solar system’s sun. It is what provides our planet with warmth and light, and now, thanks to advances in energy science, it can provide us with power. This is because light and energy go hand-in-hand. So as the sun’s radiation arrives to Earth, it brings energy as well as light. Fortunately, with solar panels – made of photovoltaic (PV) cells – we can capture this energy and create direct current (DC) electrical power, which can then power solar appliances and more.

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#2. Refrigeration 

The process of refrigeration is complicated and requires several working parts and factors. One of the most essential pieces is a compressor, which heats refrigerant vapor. From there, it moves through the fridge and into evaporator coils while cooling. As it cools, it absorbs heat from inside the refrigerator while evaporating. Once evaporated into a liquid again, it returns to the compressor to start the whole process over again, keeping the inside and contents of a fridge cool.  

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#3. Solar Powered Refrigeration

At Warehouse Appliance, our solar powered refrigerators combine these two different processes to create exceptional appliances that keep refrigerated goods cool with sustainable, eco-friendly energy. The solar energy absorbed by PV solar panels creates DC electrical power. This power is what enables the compressor in our fridge to heat a refrigerant gas and begin the cooling process, keeping your perishable goods cool without depending on energy from the grid. 

Why You Should Own a Solar Powered Refrigerator From Warehouse Appliance

Owning a solar powered refrigerator or freezer from Warehouse Appliance can provide you, your loved ones, and your property with numerous advantages. If you live off the grid part-time or full-time, our solar fridges allow you to store refrigerated goods like milk, eggs, cheese, meats, and more without needing grid electricity. This makes them ideal for remote homes, cabins, and other dwellings. However, even if you live on the grid, a solar refrigerator can benefit you as well. Many electrical grids often experience issues, causing total blackouts or rolling blackouts during winter and summer months. Thankfully, with a solar refrigerator, you do not need to rely on an unreliable power grid to keep your goods cool. 

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Solar powered refrigerators from Warehouse Appliance may utilize complex processes, but they are incredibly beneficial and efficient. With them, you can keep your refrigerated foods, drinks, medicines, and more cool – without needing any energy from the electrical grid. So contact us today to get a custom shipping quote for one of our solar refrigerators or freezers!