Prepare for Rolling Blackouts in Texas with a Propane Refrigerator

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Lightning Strike near Texas Power Lines

At Warehouse Appliance, we provide various alternatively powered appliances, including propane refrigerators, to individuals and families living off the grid as well as those who want to be prepared for blackouts, such as the rolling blackouts in Texas. Our propane refrigerators do not rely on electrical power from power grids and allow you to store perishable goods nearly anywhere! By obtaining one of our high-quality propane refrigerators, you and your loved ones in Texas can be better prepared for rolling blackouts or even total electrical grid failure.  

Texas, the Electrical Grid, & Rolling Blackouts

Sadly, the State of Texas is infamous for having an unreliable power grid. And in our modern society, having a lack of electrical power can be considerably problematic. Many appliances require electrical energy to run and provide light, cooling, and more. So when extreme weather, such as high temperatures, flooding, or even snow, affects parts of the state, the grid is put under intense pressure and often fails. This can leave Texans not only without power but without light, air conditioning, and even the ability to keep foods refrigerated. Fortunately, not all appliances run exclusively on electricity! 

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How Propane Refrigerators Can Help Texans Prepare for Blackouts

At Warehouse Appliance, our propane refrigerators can help Texans be better prepared for blackouts. Propane refrigerators, unlike electrical refrigerators, have a power source independent from the grid. As such, you do not have to rely on anyone but yourself to ensure that your perishable goods, including meats, dairy products, and more, will be kept cool and edible until their natural expiration date. Our propane refrigerators ultimately help ensure that you and your loved ones have access to the food, medicines, and other refrigerated goods you need during rolling or even sudden blackouts in Texas.

Benefits of Owning a Propane Refrigerator

For individuals living in Texas or anywhere else in the United States, there are numerous benefits to owning a quality propane refrigerator from Warehouse Appliance, including: 


Unlike other refrigerators, our propane refrigerators are incredibly reliable. They do not need power from the grid to provide the cooling necessary to refrigerate perishables.

They only need access to propane, which is a readily available form of fuel in Texas as well as the rest of the United States. 


At Warehouse Appliance, we offer our propane refrigerators and other alternatively powered appliances at competitive prices. This helps make our products affordable.

Yet, it is not the only factor in their affordability! Propane is among the cheapest and most widely available fuel sources in the U.S., which often makes it a highly cost-effective option. 


Propane-powered refrigerators are also exceptionally long-lasting appliances. Unlike electric refrigerators, they do not use a compressor or have nearly as many moving parts.

This makes our propane refrigerators less susceptible to wear and tear over time. As a result, they typically last longer and perform more efficiently than electric refrigerators. 

Why Choose Warehouse Appliance for Alternatively Powered Appliances? 

At Warehouse Appliance, we are a top choice for alternatively powered appliances, such as our propane refrigerators, in the United States. One of the main reasons for this is the high-quality products we sell. Our propane refrigerators, for example, are made in the U.S. and tested to ensure overall quality and efficiency. This quality is so reliable that our propane refrigerators come with a 7-year warranty. Yet, if you do experience any issues, at Warehouse Appliance, we offer free over-the-phone technical service. 

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Propane refrigerators from us at Warehouse Appliance can help people prepare for rolling blackouts in Texas. Our alternatively powered appliances do not require electric power from the grid, making them incredibly reliable. In addition, our propane refrigerators are affordable and long-lasting, making them a great investment for Texans or anyone else in the U.S. who wants to be prepared for potential power grid failures. 

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