Propane Refrigerator Check List

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As the snow begins to melt and we prepare for our trip back to our off-grid cabins, there are a few ways we can prepare before jumping in the car. Your propane refrigerator has been sitting the last 6 months without being used. What has happened during this time that might hinder performance of our propane freezers and refrigerators when we go to light them up again? Well, believe it or not gas refrigerators need a little TLC when neglected for many months.

The biggest way you can ensure your propane refrigerator starts up and runs seamlessly is to first pull the fridge away from the wall and clean out the burner box. This can easily be done with compressed air either from a large compressor or a simple air can. Remember, the orifice may need to be taken out and cleaned as well to ensure there is no obstruction. As we have mentioned before, dust, bugs and other foreign objects can affect your burner and decrease the amount of heat from your flame. So clean that out first before accidentally burning unwanted particles.

Its always a good idea to test your regulators. The right pressure for your propane refrigerator is vital to the efficiency and performance of your propane appliance. Acquire a gas regulator testing unit and make sure you are still running at 11 inches of water column. Regulators can get plugged up and develop obstructions, so it’s best to test for these issues before realizing your propane freezer isn’t freezing.

Propane appliances are the best way to enjoy an off-grid experience. Following a few of these suggestions can curb issues you may get with propane fridges and freezers. If you plan right before leaving, you can be sure you are ready to do more relaxing than troubleshooting.