Frequently Asked Questions about Propane Refrigerators


Q. Do I need electricity to operate a propane refrigerator or freezer? 

A. No. All the brands we carry run without electrical power. The ignition is Piezo type which is self-powered. Some units have electric power options (heat rod), but propane operation does not require it.

Q. What is Piezo Ignition? 

A. This is a self-powered sparker ignition. It’ similar to most BBQ grills. No electricity is required.

Q. What is a heat rod?

A. Propane fridges use absorption technology for cooling. This technology requires heat to boil the liquid chemicals inside the sealed system. To take place of the LPG flame, the heat rod produces the required heat by using electricity. The heat rod has a very high wattage use, up to 350 watts. It is not solar-friendly, although it may be used on a solar system or with a generator.

Q. Can I lay the propane refrigerator down to transport it? 

A. Yes, but you must burp the unit when you get it to the final destination. Simply put it upside down for at least 30 minutes. Then turn back over right side up for another 30 minutes prior to lighting. When turning, turn from side to side, not front to back. This process will flush the fluid and air back to the proper places. We recommend laying the refrigerator on side while transporting.

Q. When do I need to defrost my propane fridge? 

A. All propane fridges are “manual defrost.” When the absorber fins inside the refrigerator compartment are iced over without space between them, it is time to defrost. Turning the thermostat down all the way counter-clockwise and letting it run overnight at this setting will usually defrost the fridge sufficiently. Then turn the thermostat back to the previous setting. Read more info here.

Q. Should there be an odor coming from the flue exhaust on my propane refrigerator? 

A. No. The odor is usually from a “foul flame” – debris in the burner – and the burner and flue need to be cleaned. See Propane Gas Fridge Maintenance DVD. In some cases, when a new fridge being used for the first time, you may encounter an odor for the first day due to residue burning from the coils. If you smell an ammonia smell inside the fridge compartment, freezer compartment, or anywhere around the fridge, then the sealed system may have a leak. Consult your dealer.

Q. What is the Bisque color? 

A. It’s a newer color for appliances that’s a few shades lighter than “Almond.” It is light tan color, like eggshell or off-white. Below is an example of the approximate shade difference between the two colors. See the EZ Freeze Bisque color gas fridge.

Q. My propane fridge won’t stay lit, what’s wrong?

A. Most of the time when the flame goes out on a propane refrigerator and it cannot be re-lit, the safety valve called the thermocouple has gone out.  Please call one of our technicians at 928-636-1955 to purchase a replacement part or to troubleshoot over the phone.

Q. How do I set up my new propane fridge? 

A. Please see our article “Setting up your new gas refrigerator” and “Set-up of gas refrigerators

Q. How do I maintain my propane refrigerator?  

A. Please see our article “maintenance for gas refrigerators” or purchase a maintenance DVD for Consul-Danby, Diamond or EZ Freeze.