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Propane Gas Refrigerartors and off grid appliances
Propane Refrigerators and off grid appliances

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EZ Freeze EZ-10 Cubic Foot Propane Refrigerator


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EZ-10 EZ Freeze 10 Cu. Ft. Propane Refrigerator Scratch N Dent model.

This propane refrigerator has a small quarter coin size dent on the right side. Unit performs perfect and has original factory warranty. New in original box.

The EZ Freeze EZ-10 Cubic Foot Propane Fridge is the perfect size for cabins, hunting camps, small cottages, look out stations, and small living spaces. Considered a small propane refrigerator for Multi person short term living or single person extended stays.

This Gas Fridge Freezer interior refrigerator compartment can hold at least four gallon containers with more available space for additional food goods and groceries. Glass shelves help maximize interior space and are very easy to clean. The interior crisper drawer utilizes a glass top that doubles as a shelf and allows to view the crisper contents. The door shelves will hold quart containers and most beverage bottles and cans. The freezer compartment includes a fixed fast freezer white powder coated aluminum shelf. This shelf transfers cold temperatures from the back chilling plate to the shelf surface directly under the food items. The same is true for the freezer floor which is also white powder coated aluminum plate.

Amish made in the U.S.A.

Download the EZ Freeze Brochure

Download the EZ Freeze Brochure - Click here

The exterior is of the European styling with the rounded doors. Only available in White color with a gloss smooth finish. The thermostat control, piezo ignitor, and safety gas valve are all located at the front behind the removable toe kick panel. Lighting the LP Gas Fridge is accomplished all from the front by a single person. No matches or lighters required. With the push of two buttons, the Propane Refrigerator Freezer will light and stay operational until it is turned off. No electricity or batteries are required to light or operate the fridge. The 4 "D" size batteries (not included) power the refrigerator interior LED light.

All Gas Powered Refrigerators use manual defrosting since they are non-electric operating. EZ Freeze has developed the "EZ-Defrost System" that includes a drip tray system for refrigerator moisture when defrosting. The moisture drips from the absorber fins to the drip tray and flows to the exterior of the unit to a removable water tray that can either be removed to empty or left in place and evaporation occurs accelerated by the heat of the cooling unit boiler. The unit includes wheel rollers to easily access the gas hook-up, gas valve, water tray, and battery holder at the rear. The best small capacity Propane Refrigerator For Sale today - the EZ Freeze EZ-10.

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