Falks Gas Powered Lights

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Showing all 6 results

Falks Gas Lamps – Propane Gas Lighting

Falks propane lamps are non-electric appliances designed for homes, cottages, cabins, trailers, boats or wherever lighting is required, for everyday, decorative or emergency uses. This is an off-grid product manufactured in Canada. Falk’s brand lamps lights have proven to be efficient and dependable for decades.

Falks gracefully-curved design of solid, polished brass is reminiscent of the quiet elegance of old world styling; the attractive finish will last and last. All Falks Propane Lamps utilize am unique, adjustable air shutter to maximize the brightness even in the highest altitudes. Regardless of your location, you can depend on Falks gas lamps to produce the brightest indoor lighting available.

75 Watt equivalent Single
150 Watt equivalent Double

Falks Lights manufacture the best in indoor lighting in the styles you want. Their propane lamps are great quality and performance. Contact us for more information on our gas lighting or any of our propane appliances.