Limited Time Shipping Offer for California Residents

California Rolling Blackouts and Refrigerators

Due to the unprecedented rolling blackouts in California, Warehouse Appliance is offering a limited time shipping offer to those affected. For more information on propane refrigerators, please see below.

We are extending a FLAT RATE of $200 to ship to a commercial location or $250 to a residence. any address in the state of California.

  To take advantage of this offer please do one of the following:

1. Please call us to place an order and mention that you saw this post.

2. Place your order online and mention that you saw this post in the notes. Once we process your order, we will adjust your shipping costs and refund your credit card the difference.


The Propane Refrigerator – Fridge Alternatives When The Power Company Shuts Off Power

The rolling blackouts in California are causing all kinds of trouble.  A main concern California residents are dealing with is what to do when a refrigerator looses power.  Let’s be honest, most of us don’t even think about cold and frozen food storage and safety until the power is out. 

Many questions include:

  1. How long does food last in a fridge when the power goes out?
  2. What temperature does my refrigerator need stay at before food spoils?
  3. What food do I need to throw away in my fridge after a power outage?
All of these are great questions to ask BUT with the rolling blackouts continuing, great questions to ask are:

  1. Is there an alternative refrigerator option that requires no power?
  2. Is there a type of refrigerator that does not need to plug into my homes 110v outlet?
  3. Can I buy a refrigerator to keep my cold and frozen foods from spoiling even when the power goes out?
The answer is to all of these questions is: YES!

There is an alternative to a typical electric powered refrigerator that has been around for decades.

  1. This refrigerator is powered by propane. 
  2. This refrigerator can hook up to your typical BBQ tank even if you have no propane plumbed to your home. 
  3. These off-grid, no power needed refrigerators are what Warehouse Appliance specializes in!
Now that California residents are dealing with many hours, days or even weeks without power, many are looking for permanent alternatives to a typical refrigerator that plugs into the wall and is completely dependent on power.  Realizing this very difficult situation could become more frequent, many people are turning to gas fridges as a permanent alternative or a backup when the power goes out.

Many are purchasing smaller, 10 cubic foot propane fridges to have in their garages to use in the case of emergency or when Edison decides to unexpectedly turn off the power.

There are others that are purchasing large propane freezers so they don’t risk loosing all of their expensive meat when the power grid goes down.

Others are switching to propane or natural gas powered refrigerators permanently, frustrated by the food and money waste when the power goes out by the electric company or storms that knock down the power lines for days.

The propane refrigerator has been used by people not connected to the electrical grid (off-grid homes) for decades.  These refrigerators look like a typical refrigerator you would buy at a big box store but with a BIG difference.  These refrigerators will never shut off when the power is cut off by the power company or by a storm!  They simply hook up to your existing natural gas or propane plumbed in your home, a regular 5 gallon tank you would use for your grill or a larger propane tank you can purchase at your local hardware store.

These are the non-electric refrigerators Californians need right now.  Families need food in their homes even when Edison shuts the power off.