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Propane Gas Refrigerartors and off grid appliances
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Propane Refrigerators and off grid appliances
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Propane Refrigerator, Propane Freezer and Off Grid Appliances Information and Articles

Want to know more about propaner refrigerators, freezers or any off grid appliance? We bring you these informative articles to help you get the most out of your gas appliances. Our years of experience in service, sales, and repairs have made us the authority in absorption refrigeration and off-grid appliances. Subscribe to this blog using the links above, or to visit our blogger account for more knowledge as we post it.

Warehouse Appliance is your one stop resource for propane refrigerators, absorption refrigeration, gas appliances, and solar products.
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Propane Refrigerator Check List

As the snow begins to melt and we prepare for our trip back to our off-grid cabins, there are a few ways we can prepare before jumping in the car.... read more
Off Grid Cabin

Off Grid Appliance Choices

I found myself watching different reality shows this weekend all based somewhat on an off grid living theme. Weather it was the new couple just starting out their lives, full... read more
EZ Freeze 21 Cubic Foot Propane Refrigerator

Nick and Dent EZ Freeze 21 cubic foot Propane Refrigerator

We have an EZ Freeze 21 cubic foot propane refrigerator for sale that has some freight damage. There are some dents, scrapes and nicks on the outside but the refrigerator... read more
EZ Freeze 15 Cubic Foot Propane Refrigerator

EZ Freeze Nick and Dent 15 cubic foot Propane Refrigerator

We have a freight damaged 15 cubic foot white propane refrigerator. The EZ Freeze fridge has a few dents and dings but works perfectly. We are discounting the fridge by... read more
Consul Danby Propane Refrigerator

Used Danby Propane Refrigerator-SOLD!

We recently received a pre-owned Danby propane refrigerator with freezer.  The previous owner of the refrigerator was having trouble with it and decided to purchase a new one instead of... read more
Back side of Propane Refrigerator showing cooling unit, burner box and flue

A Slight Turn to Propane Refrigerators

A recent increase of sales of propane refrigerators has indicated a slight turn from electric to propane refrigeration.  There are many misconceptions about gas refrigerators.  One of them is that... read more

Why you should consider a gas refrigerator instead of electric

Today's market offers consumers far more choices when it comes time to replacing or upgrading our home's common household appliances. Typically people replace like for like. If you have an... read more

The Importance of a Blue Flame on Propane Refrigerators

What so many of us with a propane refrigerator don’t realize is that flame within the burner box needs to have a certain look and sound in order to produce... read more

A review of the EZ Freeze gas refrigerator from a satisfied customer

A satisfied customer from Texas sent in this review of the EZ Freeze 19-cubic foot refrigerator. Warehouse Appliance is happy to share that the EZ Freeze refrigerator, and our dedicated staff, has met and exceeded this customer’s expectations. The customer writes: “We’ve had the fridge for five years so I feel confident in giving... read more

Why you should choose Warehouse Appliance for your Propane Refrigeration needs

We pride ourselves in customer service and are proud of the great feedback we get. When we offer gas refrigerators and appliances for sale, many of which come with lifetime... read more

Warehouse Appliance has the largest and best selection of propane refrigerators in the US!

Welcome to the most comprehensive place to find natural gas or propane refrigerators and freezers. Not only do we sell and service these gas appliances and products, we use them... read more

The History of Propane Refrigeration

Warehouse Appliance provides information for consumers in regards the history of the propane refrigerator.      The ammonia refrigeration cooling system which is also known as an absorption cooling system was first... read more

About the Absorption Refrigerator

Warehouse Appliance provides information for consumers in regards to purchasing an absorption refrigerator.      What is an Absorption Refrigerator?   What is an Absorption Refrigerator? It is exactly what the name implies. The... read more

Set-up of Gas Refrigerators

Set-up of your new Gas Refrigerator It is very important that the gas pressure be set correctly. Too high or too low of gas pressure may lead to poor performance or... read more
Owning a propane refrigerator

Why do I need a Gas Fridge?

Reasons to own a Gas Fridge are.... You don't have on grid electricity. You don't like the noise an electric refrigerator makes. You are EMF intolerant. Your home is subject to... read more
What is a gas refrigerator

What is a Gas Refrigerator?

We answer the question... What is a gas refrigerator? The term gas powered refrigerator describes a household, RV, or commercial refrigerator operating from a gas source in order to create cooling.... read more
Servel propane refrigerator ID tags

All About the Servel Gas Refrigerators

Everything You Wanted To Know About Servel Gas Refrigerators Gas refrigerators have been in production since the early 1900's and used in households as a standard common everyday appliance until the... read more
1940's Servel Gas Refrigerator

History of a Propane Refrigerator

Advantages of a Propane Refrigerator | Comparison of Propane Refrigerators | Function of Propane Refrigerators HISTORY ON PROPANE REFRIGERATION The ammonia refrigeration cooling system which is also known as an absorption cooling... read more
lpg tanks for gas appliances

How does LP Gas power a gas fridge?

Using LP Gas to power a gas fridge Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a group of compressed vapor gases of which one of the gases is propane. The vapor being a by-product... read more
Maintenance of a propane gas refrigerator

Maintenance for Gas Refrigerators

How to do maintenance on your gas fridge or gas freezers. Because there are no moving parts in these gas refrigerators and gas freezers, there's not much maintenance needed. One very... read more
How to build a manometer

How To Test Gas Pressure

Manometer to test LPG pressure Although most gas appliances are not sensitive to slight gas pressure variations, performance of a gas refrigerator is very dependent upon the correct gas pressure. Checking... read more
Gas appliance shipping

What you need to know before buying propane gas refrigerators

How to purchase a Propane Gas Refrigerator All products that are available at Warehouse Appliance, including the propane gas refrigerators, are tested in an off-grid living environment before selling the brand... read more
repair gas refrigerators with this DVD

How We Repair Propane Gas Refrigerators

Repairing Propane Gas Refrigerators Are you having continuous problems with your propane gas refrigerators? Seeking professional and a renowned company that can provide you with quality refrigerator and technical service? Warehouse... read more
repairing a propane gas refrigerator

How to Buy a Propane Refrigerator

Buying a Propane Refrigerator Is Warehouse Appliance a reputable company? Purchasing a propane refrigerator is not a small investment and buying it from a reliable company is as important as the... read more
About gas fridges

The Advantages of a Propane Gas Refrigerator

History of Propane Refrigerators | Comparison of Propane Refrigerators | Function of Propane Refrigerators What are the advantages of a LP powered refrigerator? A propane refrigerator is an efficient way of cooling... read more
Propane gas fridge history

Comparisons of Propane Refrigerators

Advantages of a Propane Refrigerator | History of Propane Refrigerators | Function of Propane Refrigerators Compare Propane Refrigerators When doing propane fridge comparisons, in times past, the SERVEL built in the 1930's... read more
Gas refrigerator absorption system

Functions of a Propane Refrigerator

Advantages of a Propane Refrigerator | Comparison of Propane Refrigerators | History of Propane Refrigerators How a Propane Refrigerator Functions An absorption ammonia refrigerator or gas refrigerator still functions on the same... read more
Remote digital thermometer for gas fridges

Adjusting the Temperature of Propane Gas Refrigerators

How to adjust the temperature Over the years we have sold thousands of Propane Gas Refrigerators and almost all of them have ended up in a remote location for use in... read more
EZ Freeze EZ Defrost system

EZ-Defrost System for Gas Refrigerators

All Gas Refrigerators are Manual Defrost Why are all gas refrigerators manual defrost? In order to accomplish an automatic defrost cycle that includes timers and heating elements, the unit must have... read more
Propane freezer upright model from Blizzard

Gas Freezers vs Solar Freezers

There are two types of freezers used in off-grid living. The two types of freezers used are gas powered or DC powered. Both are produced with a high insulation value to... read more
The Danby Consul Gas fridge

About the Consul Refrigerator

Information on the Consul propane refrigerators The Consul Refrigerator is no longer in production. The factory has ceased production in 2012 with no plans to restart. It was the smallest of... read more
Danby Consul replacement parts

Consul Propane Refrigerator - Parts

Consul Propane Refrigerator Parts Information   Do you have a Consul propane refrigerator? Since they are no longer being made, it is a valuable gas fridge. Some of the controls and critical... read more
Danger in propane refrigerator exhaust

Consul Propane Refrigerator - Service Notifications

Consul Refrigerator – Service Issues In the Mid 1980's, there were very few gas refrigerators in production on the retail market. In fact there were only 2 brands that were considered... read more
The Danby propane gas refrigerator

Danby Propane Refrigerator Information

Danby Gas Refrigerator – All-Purpose Refrigerators Requiring No Electric Power   Danby propane refrigerator is among the popular gas refrigerators around today. This exceptional refrigerator is an excellent appliance to have in... read more
Danby propane gas fridge

Danby Propane Refrigerator Comparison Information

Danby Propane Refrigerator - vs - the EZ Freeze EZ-10 Imported and private labeled by the Danby Corporation, this gas refrigerator is identical to the Consul Fridge. Both made by Whirlpool... read more

Repair DVD for the Danby Consul Gas Fridge

Danby / Consul Propane Gas Refrigerator Service Repair DVD The Danby / Consul Gas Refrigerator has been in production for over 30 years using the original designs of the components. With... read more
Danby and Consul propane refrigerators

Danby and Consul Propane Refrigerators

DANBY GAS REFRIGERATOR - CONSUL GAS REFRIGERATOR One of the most popular Propane Refrigerators for off-grid living. This gas refrigerator is Baja proven for over 20 years with excellent results!! We... read more
Inside the absorption refrigerator

About the Absorption Refrigerator

What is an Absorption Refrigerator? What is an Absorption Refrigerator? It is exactly what the name implies. The unit refrigerates by absorbing the warm air from the interior and expelling it... read more
The ammonia refrigerator absorption system

About ammonia refrigerators and the absorption system

What does the Ammonia do in the Absorption System? Ammonia refrigerators, also known as gas refrigerators, operate from an absorption system that use ammonia as the active key ingredient are made... read more
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"We sure have enjoyed our EZ Freeze refrigerator over the past 3 years. It was troublesome and expensive to try to keep ice. We are very happy with our..." read more
- Janet & Bill
"I can't praise Mike enough for going above and beyond in helping me with a thermostat issue for a propane refrigerator. There comes a point where most people would shrug..." read more
- Will Forest
"Fast, knowledgeable and they know their product. ..." read more
- Eric Schwennesen
"This is my second purchase and these Dynamx guys have always done right by me: lots of help and personal service. Very friendly and helpful...." read more
- Beverly
"Knew the answers to all my questions. Helpful, knowledgable, and made me feel like they were concerned. ..." read more
- Jim de Boer
"Fast reliable service very helpful and knowledgeable. Even with the slightest problem they're right there to help. They sell products that they know perform exceptionally well. Thanks Guys!!!!..." read more
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"These guys are great! Helpful, knowledgeable,honest and they sell reliable products. Doesn\'t get any better than that...." read more
- Amrit
"The customer service is great. The shipping company a little unyeilding, but we live in the sticks, so I get it...." read more
- Lynne Toepfer
"Great phone service, delivery, and equipment. ..." read more
"I was so impressed with the customer service of this company that is why I purchased one of the refrigerators that they sell the frig is everything they had said..." read more
- Linda Sheridan
"excellent performance..." read more
- david reed
"We received our refrigerator in less then 2 weeks. Everything was in perfect shape. It's very easy to set up and so much room inside. The customer service at the..." read more
- Shirley black
"I was happy to find a ref close to me out here on the west coast, and have it delivered so quickly. It was nice working with mike. I wish..." read more
"Fridge was ordered it was early than expected. Gentleman was very patient with questions and issues with transaction. Fridge is great parent couldn't be happier! Thanks..." read more
- DAGE Andrade
"I purchased ez-frig for our camp site and it works excellent. Very inexpensive to run and looks great besides. A lot of good comments from our guest. Thanks Larry F..." read more
- Larry
"Purchased the item online after a call to their customer service. Very knowledgeable, answered all my questions clearly and provided information I did not know I needed. Shipping..." read more
- Terry Little
"Great service. Fridge arrived quickly. Lots of help offered by owner to adjust a thermostat setting. ..." read more
- Joe
" Picked up my EZ-19 refrigerator yesterday. Came in without a scratch or ding. Already have it hooked up, running and full of food...." read more
"Great place to shop for items you need. Good selection and a great selection of items that are harder to find. I have purchased two items from here and both times..." read more
- James
"Great people to work with. Had an issue with delivery and they handled it perfectly. Thanks Mike...." read more
- Rob Long
"Love this company. We don't live in the area so we couldn't pickup our appliances during normal company hours. Arrangements were made to be open early on a..." read more
- Mary Tyer
"Best customer service ever... always can be a challenge doing business via website and phone but these guys rock... now we have a sweet fridge at the shack, thanks guys!..." read more
- team Piranha X
"Thank you for being so knowledgeable on so many parts of off-grid living. You make buying your products quick and easy!..." read more
- Jonpaul
"I am very pleased with my product, I would recommend this company....." read more
- Valorie faught
"Shipped next day arrived here when expected in good shape. Mike is a class act by my estimation..." read more
- Doug
Warehouse Appliance By Dynamx 5 out of 5 based on 25 ratings.
Welcome to Warehouse Appliance - Your source for propane refrigerators and gas freezers
5 out of 5 stars We sure have enjoyed our EZ Freeze refrigerator over the past 3 years. It was troublesome and expensive to try to keep ice. We are very happy with our purchase.
Welcome to Warehouse Appliance - Your source for propane refrigerators and gas freezers
5 out of 5 stars I can't praise Mike enough for going above and beyond in helping me with a thermostat issue for a propane refrigerator. There comes a point where most people would shrug their shoulders, but Mike kept on AND responded to my questions promptly. Most propane appliances are priced within just a few dollars of each other. When you need service and help, especially if you live off grid, where a service call would be wicked expensive, that's when who you buy it from really counts. Mike was beyond outstanding; I live in Vermont, he's in Arizona, and we figured this out via email. I can't recommend him enough. Anyone is welcome to contact me directly about my experience. I don't have the time to troll or be a shill. I only write these when they really matter. It's a small payback for the help Mike gave me. Will Forest Montpelier, Vermont
Welcome to Warehouse Appliance - Your source for propane refrigerators and gas freezers
5 out of 5 stars Fast, knowledgeable and they know their product.
Welcome to Warehouse Appliance - Your source for propane refrigerators and gas freezers
5 out of 5 stars This is my second purchase and these Dynamx guys have always done right by me: lots of help and personal service. Very friendly and helpful.