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Propane Gas Refrigerartors and off grid appliances
Propane Refrigerators and off grid appliances

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falks propane gas lamp
falks propane gas lamp

Falks double wall mount propane gas lamp

Falks Double Wall Mount Gas Lamp


Price: $122.95 - Sale

Falks graceful curve design of solid polished brass highlights the quiet elegance of old world styling as well as proving a lifelong attractive finish. All Falks Gas Lights utilize a unique adjustable air shutter to maximize the brightest light even in the highest of places. Regardless of the altitude, you can depend on Falks gas lights to produce the brightest indoor lighting to meet your needs. 75 Watt equivalent Single
150 Watt equivalent Double.

Propane appliances are used in remote areas, locations not serviced with electricity, or where electricity is in short supply. Cottages, fishing and hunting camps, lodges, recreational vehicles, trailers and boats worldwide have been successfully serviced with Falks Indoor Gas Burning Lights. Many homeowners living in areas frequented by severe weather conditions (i.e.. hurricanes, etc.) rely on Falks Lights for their permanent emergency lighting needs. By installing an attractive permanent Falks Light the hassles that go along with electrical power failure are substantially reduced. Falks gas lamps are a completely non electric appliance.

Gas connection for these gas appliances can be hidden behind flange through wall via 1/8" pipe thread or connected at valve with 3/8" flare fitting on both wall mount models. Ceiling mount model may be connected through ceiling via 1/8" pipe thread or connected externally at ceiling flange with 3/8" flare fitting. Units must have minimum of 6" clearance above fixture and 7" from sides of glass bulb(s).

 Falks Propane Gas Lights

  • Gas type - Propane
  • Specifications - Double Wall Mount Model # 2705
  • Watt equivalent - 150 watt
  • Size - W=12 1/2" X D=10 1/4" X H=7"
  • Approval - AGA & CGA
  • Controls - Dual, Variable, On/off
  • Options - Replacement Preformed Mantles #3769
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