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Propane Gas Refrigerartors and off grid appliances
Propane Refrigerators and off grid appliances

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EZ Freeze Gas Fridges

Propane gas refrigerators

EZ Freeze gas powered refrigerator 10 Cubic feet - best gas fridge at this size
EZ Freeze 15 cubic foot gas refrigerators
EZ Freeze 19 cubic foot propane appliance
EZ Freeze 21 cubic foot propane gas refrigerators
21 cubic foot propane powered total refrigerator

The EZ Freeze brand Gas Refrigerators are made in the U.S.A. by a small Amish company committed to the highest performance and highest quality in the industry. EZ Freeze offers 5 sizes, 13 models, of high quality gas powered refrigerators top mount combo units. All units feature a removable cooling unit, Ruby gas orifice, stainless steel burner, filtered orifice, EZ-Defrost System, and a secondary regulator. These propane appliances are ideal for cabin living.

The EZ Freeze quality is unsurpassed in the industry. Our sales records show the lowest percentage of warranty issues for any brand of gas fridges for sale. We have sold all brands over the years and our experience in service and repairs gives us the confidence to label the EZ Freeze brand as the BEST in quality, performance, craftsmanship, and durability. Every unit is tested at the factory in a controlled environment "Hot Room" with temperatures reaching at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit for over a 12 hour duration. The results are then recorded on each individual refrigerator and it's packaging. There is no guess work in the manufacturing and testing process. The EZ Freeze factory is the only manufacturer of large capacity propane refrigerators in the industry to completely fabricate the cooling unit in house. The cooling unit is the heart of the machine. The raw materials are brought into the factory at the back door and a new unit ships out the front door. No subcontracting equals higher quality to you the customer.

Buy the best brand from EZ Freeze and get the best service from Dynamx, Inc. Have the confidence your gas fridge will last you and your family for many years. Free 5 Year Warranty, Free Service / Maintenance DVD, and free telephone technical service. "Our 25 years of experience is at your service"

Free Extended Warranty. Get the 7 year warranty only from Dynamx. We don't try to up-sell you an extended warranty, we give it to you FREE! "Best warranty in the business"

Free Setup, Service, Maintenance DVD with your EZ Freeze Fridge Purchase. Read more....


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