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Propane Gas Refrigerartors and off grid appliances
Propane Refrigerators and off grid appliances

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Diamond Gas Fridge Maintenance



Diamond Service, Repair, Maintenance, Set-up, and Cooling Unit Replacement DVD Set

Has your Diamond gas refrigerator stopped cooling? We can help !

Diagnose the problem and perform gas fridge service in home with the aid of the "Service, Maintenance, and Trouble Shooting Instructional DVD Video". For the fraction of the cost to ship the unit to us for service, purchase the gas refrigerator repair DVD set and do it yourself. The DVD video describes the following in detail:

  • Set-up tips
  • Lighting Instruction
  • General gas fridge maintenance
  • Cleaning the Burner
  • Replacing the Thermocouple
  • Checking Gas Pressure
  • Leak Testing
  • Cooling Unit Diagnosis
  • Cleaning the Flue
  • Replacing the Cooling Unit (Absorption System)
  • and Much more...


Bring your gas fridge back to working like new again.

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